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Keep it Simple Sam

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Notice I didn't say stupid and that's because I wonder if simple isn't always best. I have always kept to that rule, to keep it simple. I think it is working out great fort he current Deck. It is a starter deck. Within the big picture of creating my game, the level of technicality and story interaction has become a concern as I work my way into and through the expansions.

How technical and/or complex do I want to get. Where is the line. As the game gets more complex, what method of information flow control should I put into place, to allow maximum interaction and reward, yet maintain the challenge level between the multiple players receiving those rewards.

Each reward, to maintain balance, requires an equal an opposite reward to the other player. The complexity grows. Where is the line. Where is the line. I think I know, but as I gear up to finalize the other expansions, that is the question to answer.

Plus I have to keep the expansions in theme with the story progression. I am having a great time building the game, and I hope it does well in the Kick Start.

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That's a good thing to worry

That's a good thing to worry about, but.. unless I missed something, we don't know anything about your game.

(personally, I always look to simplify.. which does not mean you remove all the mechanics, of course)

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