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LCG Rules - would like some feedback

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Hey all,

I've been brewing together some rules for a LCG (I feel the game would work as either a CCG or LCG, but I feel LCG's are a market worth looking at!), have put together a rules document and prototype, and have solo playtested it bunch of times with the game working - for the most part - as it should. I have a few concerns which I will address later.

First the rules:

The main parts of the game:
-Each player will only/always have 4 heroes. The number of heroes in the game allows thousands of possible combos.

-2 resource systems (energy and gold) - gold used for items to improve heroes, energy used to play abilities of heroes and action cards from hand.

-deck-building aspect - players use item and action cards to make a deck that works well with their chosen heroes

-dynamic resource system - 3 piles of random neutrals in centre make every game different and give a wide variety of strategies. neutrals can give energy, gold and/or a special effect on being killed.

-item scaling - heroes become better as the game progresses through items.

My concerns:
- relatively heavy strategy. Unlikely to appeal to non-card gamers.
- lots of decisions from the beginning; this makes for a good game when you are familiar with it, but gives steep learning curve
- lots (possibly too many) things going on at once.

I tried playtesting it with someone who wasn't much of a card gamer and they seemed overwhelmed/uninterested, and I'd really like to get thoughts on whether that is based on the game style, or if it rather is poorly made. If it's the second, I'd like to know if you think it's worth salvaging.


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Quick Read

Iddid a quick read and didn't find it interesting enough either. It seems to just boil down to a numbers game and seemed kinda boring to me. For example, in order to use the archer's other abilities, I'd have to skip a turn of acting right? Skipping my turn doesn't seem fun. My initial read gives me the impression there isn't a lot of strategy to it: either I deal damage, increase someone else's damage, or reduce damage.

To start, I would add things that would make a character far more different than another one. To start, maybe a fighter could attack twice a turn (and have enough energy left over from doing even that). Maybe the archer could scout and shoot in the same turn (scout looks at the top card of the enemy deck?).

Joined: 10/23/2013
In a turn you can use each of

In a turn you can use each of a heroes abilities up to once (so if for whatever reason you had 10 extra energy, you can use all 3 of archers abilities). On top of that, you are also still able to attack either a neutral or an enemy hero(if you pay the 5 energy cost).

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