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Making a grand prix style management game

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So I'm just throwing ideas around at this stage, but has anyone made a game around managing a grand prix car company?

I forsee 2 turns getting ad contracts and improving your car and then going to the race.

The race is consisting of dice, you roll a determined number of dice (and they could be different depending on terrain etc). Tyres would allow rerolls, engines would improve speed on certain dice, breaks would negate corners and things like that.

The winner will get money and then your advertisers pay.

You go through a season of say 5 races and the team with the most money wins...

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You should take a look at Hot

You should take a look at Hot Rod Creepers by Cryptozanic (the guys that do Epic Spell Wars) They have a pretty sweet little Racing game with some cool mechanics.

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Tracks and Sponsors

Some quick ideas off the top of my head:

Use cards to represent the track the race takes place on, which might have special rules that apply to that race. Similarly, the race could consist of several cards, each one being a part of the track with its own rule for that section of the race. This way you could randomize the track for each race or use specific tracks consisting of a pre-selected set of cards.

Allow players to select or draw Sponsor cards at the start of the game, and each one provides different abilities (easier to purchase some kinds of equipment, or bonuses/re-rolls for certain kinds of dice).

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