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Manditory Card Sleeves?

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What do you guys think about mandatory card sleeves, maybe not mandatory but makes the game significantly easier.


1). Team differentiation: in my game there are times when you can control or steal enemy cards for entire games sometimes. Some decks can be quite similar so two identical cards on the field controlled by different players can get annoying.

Also some cards are faced down and can be seen by you but not by the enemy, there are times when face down cards from the enemy can be put down near your face down cards. Which one is mine?

2). Cards with cards: Some cards will have enhancement cards like Armor that they carry with them on the board throughout the game (or until an enemy removes it by attacking or landing in the same space as the card).

I find it annoying to have to "babysit" the extra card. I was thinking with sleeves you could just insert the Armor card in the sleeve so it almost acts as one card. Once an enemy card attacks you you just remove the Armor card from within the sleeve while leaving the actual creature/unit inside the sleeve.

Thoughts? I'm sure this has been done before. I was just looking for input as to how doable or solid the idea is.



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If they're mandatory, they'd

If they're mandatory, they'd have to be included in the game as part of the components in the base set. Otherwise, I'd hate your guts forever and never buy a game from you again. I mean, imagine opening a game and finding out it isn't even playable without sleeves that aren't included?

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Honestly, I'm pretty much

Honestly, I'm pretty much against card sleeves being required. I HAAAATE going through the trouble of sleeving a large number of cards.

If it's an it optional convenience then I may eventually do it. But a required feature I'll likely pass up the game unless they all COME pre-sleeved.

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You can play the game without

You can play the game without them but the sleeves make it a lot easier to engage with thegame and cards. Can you even do that? have the cards come pre sleeved? Not that Game Crafter is the only resource for game creation but I don't think its possible to do that. Maybe?

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As I started reading your

As I started reading your post, I immediately thought "with card sleeves, you could attach a taller card behind a card or a shorter card in front of a card to signify all sorts of things!" And then that was your second point, so I'm right there with you. I think it's a cool idea.

The sleeves would definitely need to come with the game though.

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