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Minecraft: The Board Game

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Has anybody ever tried/failed/thought up a minecraft game? I realize it's a difficult concept to put in a board game, but I think it can be done. Some ideas I had were: 3 boards depicting multiple levels (or two levels and the nether). When a player moved onto a space on the board, you would roll a die and place x amount of blocks on it. You would spend cubes that are on your tool cards to "dig up" these blocks. When you obtained a block, you would roll another region-specific die to find out what block type it was. You could also draw blocks from a bag when creating a space...if you ever dug through the blocks on one level, you would fall down to the corresponding space in the next level. I'm curious what other ideas people have had.

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So how would the players

So how would the players actually compete against each other?

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A fellow named Sean Howard came up with a novel approach to Minecraft where players can use cards. He has an illustrated and playable mock-up that you might want to check out, particularly for inspiration.

And before you ask: no, it doesn't address player interaction, either. But speaking personally, I don't play Minecraft to interact in the world with others, but I imagine that unless someone is willing to leave their Minecraft board game on a table for months at a time, then there would be little incentive to keep playing minecraft in its current form.

My advice is to distill the concepts of Minecraft to its essence. Find a way to inject the drama of those underground discoveries - caves, lava, fortresses, and the ever-present threat of flooding a tunnel - while minimizing the mindless tunnel-digging that plagues so much of the experience.

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As an addicted Minecraft

As an addicted Minecraft player. I have to say that putting minecraft into a board game would be a very hard thing to do. Especially since it is just a sand box game.

First of all, I would not work with layers.
Simply with regions where players could be. The board can contain all these regions like a Risk Map. Let's say, every biome that is out there right now could have it's own region. Including the Nether and the End. And each have the special "limited" resources put on there with cards. This can be randomized. The same goes for the towers in the End.

And there are many more things that need to be simplified.

The goals for players could be:
- Building a home (given by an objective card)
- Getting diamonds.
- Building a Nether portal.
- Getting blaze rods.
- Finding the End portal.
- Destroying the towers in the End.
- Killing the End Dragon.

- Killing another player?
- Destroying their homes?
- Stealing stuff?
- Building traps for mobs as well?

Yeah, set up goals first, than work to it I guess.

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