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Mythos/Theme for board game line

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Hey everyone,

I'm designing by first game with a buddy of mine in Maryland. We opened up a small studio called the Ministry of Dice. I am developing a storyline about how the ministry was founded in a dystopic, near-future Washington D.C. I think it would be cool to have this world as a theme/setting for games we design, but I'm afraid that, if we pitch a game to a publisher, that they'll want to re-skin it, perhaps, and that all this time developing the story would have gone to waste.

To start with, we want to publish a small graphic novel introducing the main concepts/storyline in the universe we're creating and put it up on our website for people access free-of-charge. Although the games will stand on their own, it would be nice for characters/places to crop up now and again between games, tying them together (even though the games themselves won't have much to do with each other). Is that too far-fetched? Since I have a full-time job, I am not sure I want o self-publish, since I don't think I could handle the business side of things at the same time as my job.

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I think you've kinda answered

I think you've kinda answered your own question there - if you want to 100% definitely keep control over every aspect, you'll have to self-publish. That said, if you design a game / game world and decide to pitch it to publishers, you'll have to restrict yourself to those who will let you keep the theme untouched, if it means that much to you. Your vision of a line of games set in the same universe is ambitious at this point. I suggest concentrating on making a playable prototype of your first game and see where you go from there.

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Graphic novel/game combo recommendation.

Check out Stupid Users: Beta

They've got a card game based on their comic and we often end up at nearby tables at events. The Jacobs' are good people, probably have some valuable insight.

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Cool Idea!

I think this is a cool idea. I know a few game developers who have done this.

I really like the idea. If you get a good thing going, I think you could ride the wave for quite a while. Having said that, if you have a "large" publisher "buy" your game, I think the odds are high that it will not be what you hoped or planned.

I guess if you don't have the time to self-publish, then your best bet would be to find a smaller indie publisher and work as closely as possible with them to see the project through.

I know of one that might be interested, Shadow Squirrel Games. I can't promise anything, of course. You could tell them I sent you, but I'm not sure how much help that would be. :)

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