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Names for various attributes

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Hi, new to the forum but it looks like a good one.
I've been working on a tabletop skirmish game for the past while. As part of a recent round of big changes I was considering revising some of my attribute/statistic names. There are 5-6 characters a side and they have 6 statistics each. The game is wild west themed so the more flavorful I can go with that the better.
Let me know what you think of each one:

(distance moved on the tabletop in inches)
Movement / Speed

(flat number reducing the chance someone will hit you)
Armor Rating / Defense

(total damage someone can take before being killed)
Hitpoints / Grit

(lower = better for the following three stats)
Ranged Miss Chance / Ranged Target Number
Melee Miss Chance / Melee Target Number
Gutless / Bravery Target Number

So which do you like? Any other ideas?

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Accuracy or Skill would probably fit better for miss chance/target number. You might also think of flipping Gutless to Guts: it's much less exciting to have the "least Gutless" character rather than the one with the most Guts. If you need to keep lower=better, just subtract the stat from a base number: making a system of less-bad characters should only be done if it's a core part of the aesthetic. You could also make it roll under rather than roll over, which achieves the same ends: if you could get the 1 replaced with a bullseye that would be even better.

Speed could be Agility, especially if you use it to deal with terrain and stunts at all.

Defense works better than Armor in a Wild West setting, as there is no 'armor': still, it seems like it could be improved. Maybe Deke or Dodge? Anything that would approach an armored defense would be better implemented as temporary Grit (that bible in your pocket takes damage before you do) or as a cover system.

Joined: 02/25/2013

Thanks for the reply.

The problem with the stats and system I'm making is that Ranged, Melee, and Gutless are all use directly as target numbers. So to hit something it's X number of dice >= target number = success. The number of dice could be as high as 6 or 7 for attacking, so having a floating target number won't work.

I had considered Base - Skill = Target, similar to Warhammer 40k with their 7 - BS = target, but then it's one more calculation that would need to be done every single attack. Also this is using D12s so it's a little harder to memorize than a D6 based skill set.

I agree that Armor is not the best choice, especially since it factors in cover and range and so on.

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