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Need an artist?

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Hello sweet Game Designers,

I'm an illustrator and i've been wanting to get into the game industry for a while now. I don't so much want to design a game though as just want to illustrate one ie. draw all the cards, pieces, game board, etc. I found this site and have been browsing through a little but now I figured i'd just go ahead and ask. Is anyone looking for a professional illustrator to help illustrate their game? I do mostly fun children's illustrations but I can certainly do more than that. If you're interested or intrigued, feel free to check out my website and let me know what you think!

Jade -

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Joined: 08/17/2011
Heya Jade! Thanks so much for

Heya Jade!

Thanks so much for putting this up, very kind of you :)

Just checked your website, your stuff looks very nice - I personaly prefer your photoshop stuff than the watercolours stuff (but that's only me) I can imagine all of your work in childrens books or something :) very sweet!

So I was scannning your pics of friiendly gruffalos and people relaxing on a hill (I think that one is the best, the dark one with two on the hill) and then I turned onto a picture of a crazy zombie like chef making brain stew and my mind flipped out and started leaking out of my nose!

awesome :)

So then Jade, I know of someone who is looking for some art (not me) but is constrained somewhat on money front, could I ask the cost of one of your illustrations?

He will need about 40 (I think) illustrtations to a game that is basically a kids "match the pairs" game, each one will be a magical idea like "firey trousers" or "candy floss pop" or "lightning bug" and those kind of whimsical things. Sounds like it might fit your style quite well.

Do let me know of costs! :)

All the best Jade, I hope to hear more from you!


Joined: 02/16/2012
Thank you for the reply Sam!

Thank you for the reply Sam! I'm glad you like my work, I used to do a lot of stuff more along the line's of that zombie chef but i've been trying to streamline my style more towards kids in recent years. I'd absolutely love to work with your friend, I can only imagine all the interesting things i'd get to draw working on a children's game!
It's hard to say exactly what i'd charge because there's a lot that factors into it like: Size of illustration, colour or b&w, usage and so on. I know 40 image's can sound like a daunting thing to hire an illustrator for because bare minimum we usually have to charge around $100 an image, however, i'm not looking to gouge anyone's wallet here I know image's required for game pieces and card's and such are smaller and varied and i'm willing to work out maybe a flat fee for all image's needed or whatever. Either way if your friend is interested tell him to contact me at and we could maybe come to some sort of agreement depending on everything he needs. Thank you again, I hope to hear from your bud, I really want to illustrate a game! :P


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