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Need some suggestions, opinions, help, etc. please!

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Currently in development, a fantasy-themed race where players choose their Rider character and a Mount. The track (currently) is made up of 8"x8" pieces (straight and curved) so that players can design their own overall racetrack. The tracks have a grid overtop (1" squares) so that players can easily see which lane they are in and to count how many squares of movement for their Mounts. Also will be a deck of 54 cards (approximately) which players pick up ONE at the end of their turn (max 3 cards in hand).

I am designing this for a younger audience (8+ possibly), but still would like for parents to have fun as well. I would also like to keep the play time to 1 hour or less.

Turn: Movement, Activate a Card, Pick up Card, Discard excess.

Movement: 1d6 squares. A player may change lane ONCE a turn. If movement is obstructed, all movement is stopped in the unoccupied square before the obstruction. If movement happens to be off the official track (ex. into grass), movement is 1d6-1.

Traps: I have approximately 18 trap designs, the majority of which slow down players or throw them back or dismount their riders and such. Originally, players would pick up a Trap card, and on their turn they would Activate a Trap (designated squares on the track). A token (2,3,or 4 squares long) would be placed on the track to designate an Activated Trap. Players who move onto or over an Activated Trap, would Trigger the Trap. Currently I'm trying out, at the end of each round, once all players have had a turn, ONE trap is automatically activated on the racetrack (from the starting line to the finish line). It changes the gameplay, makes it fast and trap-filled.

Cards: There are Special Ability cards, which let the players use their Rider's special ability. And Mount Ability cards, which let the players use their Mount's ability. And Deactivate Trap cards, which let you deactivate a trap. And Trap cards, which do lots of things.

Riders: Currently, each Rider has 2 stats; Power and Riding Skill. If a Rider has a Special Ability card, he/she may Activate the Special Ability by rolling 1d6 and getting over their Power (ex. need a 4+). Riding Skill is used in response to Traps or Special Abilities, preventing the Rider from being dismounted.

Mounts: Currently, each Mount has 2 stats; Power and Agility. If a Mount has a Mount Ability card, it may Activate the Mount Ability by rolling 1d6 and getting over their Power. Agility is used to prevent certain Traps or Special Abilities, avoiding getting tripped up or slowed down.

Tracks: The main track is 4 lanes wide (4") with 2" of grass to either side of the track. However, I'm drawing in bridges and trees and boulders and such to bottleneck the racetrack in places.

I would love to hear some suggestions and opinions and responses. Playing with the wife and kids doesn't quite get me the help I need.


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JefferyB wrote:I would love

JefferyB wrote:
I would love to hear some suggestions and opinions and responses. Playing with the wife and kids doesn't quite get me the help I need.

I’m quite poor at grasping a game system without reading the full rules so I don't have any advice on the game itself.

It sounds like you need to get it tested by people that don't know you. You can always post here asking for testing in return for testing someone else’s game. You might also check around at local game shops to see if they have gaming group come in that might be interested in helping.

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Trap Placement?

Hi JefferyB,

I agree with Dralius that this probably needs to be playtested by people you don't know or have had no prior contact with the game design, however given your overview of the game, it sounds like playtesting is exactly the next step!

If I read your description correctly, traps are played as the race progresses; are there any rules governing placement? Has this been tested with each player placing 3-4 traps on the track before the race begins? Do the players know what kind of trap they are placing in advance? Is there any advantage to riding over a trap you placed knowing that your abilities will mitigate the trap?

Good luck with your playtesting!

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