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New game M.C. (Midevil Caravan) with up and coming 2nd "edition" 31st century.

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Hello this is my first post on BGDF (Just thought I'd make that clear..) I hav e been surching far and wide for info on 2 games that I have started. I'm going to get a google page dedicated to the game(s)

Alright first off as you can tell by the title I have 2 games to show you today both are roleplaying/board games they both cover a similar format gameplay wise but share 3 mayjor diffrences. #1. they are set in completely different time periods. #2. M.C. is mainly a malle fighting based game while 31st is more guns and lasers. #3. they have 2 totaly different names.
You will need
1 card stock card
1 sharp pencil with an eraser
1 ruler
at least 2 maps with monster decks
a level deck
5 six sided dice
1 pair of 10 sided
10 pieces of paper
and finaly friends or family to play with/against.

I might as well start out with Midevil Caravan (for those of you who dont like to read....Your out of luck)
Basic gameplay- In this game there are 3 main phases. Movement,Support,and Monster.(If you dont run into any monsters on that turn skip right past the would be attack phase.)During the movment phase you well move.Depending on witch map you have they will have certian roads or paths that you can follow. Each road also has a number of inches you can move on it. They also have their own monster incounter rate. (the chart is on the back of each map)

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A monster incounter rate is juged by the 10 sided dice. Say you have an encounter rate of 30% you would have get a 30 or below to run into a monster. But Im geting ahead of myself. The support phase allows you to heal you and your team mates or use items to heal. So now were on the 3rd phase the monster phase.(Starting back up from the encounter rate.) Lets say you rolled a dreaded 25 and you get attacked by a monster. So now you draw a monster card to see what it is. Then you roll/draw for a quantity for monsters (Do you think it would be more fair to draw a quantity card or th roll the dice and the lowest number is the number,if you rolled 2 ones on the dice it would count as a 6 any other doubles are treated as their numbers.)Now lets say you got 3 goblins now you would draw a level card. SO in the end you might have 3 level 6 Goblins against you.(these would be to strong for noobs.)

Joined: 01/27/2009
Contine (again)

It would now be the Players turn to eather attack or flee. If you attack you would have to face the wrath of a 3 wound monster (meaning you would have to hit each 3 times.(With a normal wepon....... HEHEHEHE!!!) So you run, you roll a speed test to see if you get out fast enough.(there are 6 stats. Strength (st.), Agility (Ag) aka speed, Intellegence (Ig) aka intelect, Wounds (w), Luck (L), and leadership (Ld). Every time you level up you get 5 stat points for every 3 stat points a stat levels up. Strength is used to carry more objects and wield heavier wepons and armor.Agility is used to see if you can dodge an attack or how fast you run away.)

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