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Pirate theme help

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I'm currently working on a Pirate themed game. I am working on the dice right now, and need a bit of help. There are attack dice and defense dice. The attack dice have cannon balls as attacks, but I am not sure what to use for defense. For my first prototype I just used shields, but those make no sense when talking about sea warfare.

To make things more difficult, I'd like to avoid using an X, as that is used on a different dice for finding treasures, etc.

Any thoughts? Thanks all!

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For defense...

Go with "Water waves" (like squiggly lines)... What happens when you *miss*? It lands up going into the *water*! Seems natural to me.

Joined: 09/12/2013
Sometimes the simplest

Sometimes the simplest answers are not only the best... but the best at eluding me.

That's perfect.

Thank you!

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Hull Armor

Shields are in Star Trek (Armada) :). The correct words are Hull Armor.

Between 1400 and 1800 (I don't know the age), lots of ships had an amount of durability by several decks and chambers within the ship.

Another factor was the amount of metal used for the "hull armor". Eventually replacing wood completely at certain points. Yet the ship needed to keep floating.
The bigger the boat, the more rooms, more floating capability, the more sides with full metal as hull.

So a ship had different sides to attack with.
In the length are most of the cannons.
But the front, and often the rear, had more hull armor. The front was also often used for ramming other "smaller" ships. The rear armor was for trying to escape.

I don't know if crew is also a factor. You can use this for when you enter a ship.

A very accurate game towards this happens to be Assassins Creed IV.|full
Although, there you need also skill instead of luck.

I hope this was of use.

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