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Quest Adventure Cards(tm) - Second Edition

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Well I have been working on my current Work-In-Progress ("Tradewars - Homeworld") and I have been thinking about the Second Edition of Quest Adventure Cards(tm).

Basically I have been thinking long and hard about what I want to do with the game and where I would like to take it. Instead of just having ten (10) sets of cards, in the Second Edition, I would like there to be MORE cards. I would want a REAL amount of cards from which players can choose from. Unlike many CCGs, the Second Edition of Quest AC would not be a CCG per se. CCGs have a hard time in the market, so it would have to be a Card Game which is fine by me.

But I would want the game to have like other CCGs, 300 cards to the set. However I am unsure that I would package all those cards in one game box...

I am trying to make the rules of the game more flexible... Something with a few basic structure rules and the rest left up to the cards themselves. But I am still not there in terms of the design. I really want something very flexible for the design and so that it matches with the cards. I also want to allow players to trade cards with each other... Having all the cards in one game would make this impossible. And so I believe I would have to go with a Starter Kit of like 100 cards, plus boosters for the 200 remaining cards.

Obviously I would like to have the budget to so this... And so planning would need to be such that funding would have to be enough to cover the Starter Kit PLUS the game boosters. Knowing this, it would be an *important* endeavour nothing like my current smaller projects.

And so, the Second Edition of Quest Adventure Cards(tm) is still *on-hold* until I can figure out what to do with it next...

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I would like to ask...

So I guess I wanted some feedback from designers concerning the future of Quest AC.

Specifically, I would like to know what OTHER designers think would be a good way to PACKAGE and MARKET a Second Edition.

For example, if I say I would like a 300 card set, how would YOU go about to package and market that?!

Since there is little market penetration of CCGs, would you go with a Card Game starter kit (for example)... Would you avoid boosters? And if so, what do you think would be the best option for selling a 300 card set?

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If it was ME. I would create

If it was ME. I would create 1 v 1 decks that are designed to play well against each other. I don't know enough about your game to run the numbers, but putting out around 4 sets of 2 decks would give a lot of options for the players, and still incentivize multiple purchases. It would also allow people to trade cards between them if they weren't trying to get a complete set and were just working on a specific deck.

I'd stagger the roll outs of these sets (A new one every few months or so), and I might even put certain complex, or interesting cards in small fixed boosters so that the base sets remain easy to pick up and play, but the harder to evaluate cards are still available for the players who are interested.

More info on your game would help, and I apologize because I know I've seen a lot of posts about it over the last few years.

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