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Really Good Wargame Designer's Blog

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I don't know how many of you are familiar with the very highly respected wargame designer Bowen Simmons ("Napoleon's Triumph" and "Bonarparte at Marengo"), but he has been posting a very interesting series of blog entries both on his own work and about gaming in general. I highly recommend taking a look if you get a chance.

Personally, straight up wargames hold less and less interest for me. I prefer things more along the line of civ building mixed with a little combat. And even to the extent that wargames excite me, they tend to be sci-fi or fantasy themed (which Mr. Simmons' work is definitely not). That being said, his design entries are often quite interesting, particularly (at least in my mind) those that present his graphic work on maps (he seems to have an amazing ability to make beautiful game boards).

Hope you enjoy!

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Great Blog

Aside from being a fan of his games, I've been enjoying his blog tremendously. Highly recommended reading, even if you aren't necessarily into wargames.

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