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Realm of Legends Feedback Thread

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Hello all,
It's Fhizban again - that grumpy old wizard from old europe :-)

Im asking if you are interested reading the rules of my little pet project "Realm of Legends". Its just 3 pages, and a piece of cake once you understood how the system works.

This game is a 2 player micro battle system, played on a 3x3 board using cards, regular six-sided dice and tokens. It is based on an older idea of mine and I started posting about the idea in another thread (Fantasy Tic-Tac-Toe). I won't link to the other thread, as the game changed drastically throughout the past week.

The core rules are quite finished, Im asking for tiny corrections regarding balancing and maybe adding other interesting features to it or removing clumsier ones (if you find any). Please do not care about typos or grammar, thats another topic.

Find the 3 page PDF rules here:

You will have to use your imagination a bit, as there are no finished cards yet to show (im working on the first bunch of heroes and skills).

Your feedback is very welcome as you can really help me to make this simple system better. Of course you should be into cartoonish fantasy battle games - otherwise ignore this thread!

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Joined: 01/11/2009
Excuse the double post, I

Excuse the double post, I like to add a few of my own thoughts and concerns about the game:

1. Running out of Heroes
Right now, each player chooses 5 heroes at the start of the game. And by occupying 5 spaces on the board, a player wins. Should one of the heroes be defeated - that player would lose the game, because he would not be able to fulfill the victory condition. Im already working on a Resurrection Rule of some sort, but maybe you have an idea.

2. Decks
There where no decks in the first version of the game. but as I get more and more ideas for skills, each player having a deck on his own - was the most obvious solution. ATM the decks are made from just skills and gear, i wonder if decks make sense at all (especially when thinking about all the problems that arise from decks like drawing cards, hand limits, mulligan, running out of cards etc.).

3. Deck Size
Right now, each Hero has 3 skills and 3 gear cards. For 5 heroes this creates a deck of 30 cards total (the hero cards do not count as they are not part of the deck). Now, if I want to expand the game later on by adding new skills - the deck would automatically grow. Imagine another 6 skills or even more - that would increase deck size to 60 (my personal limit). I guess I have to split the hero classes into subclasses or prestige-classes the players can choose from. This would allow me to add new cards to the game - without bloating the decks too much.

4. Expandability
A final thought about (possible theoretical) expandability of the game. As the core system is basically centered around Attack/Defense, I wonder how many skills I can come up with before running out of ideas. Now there is also Speed and Health, but this does not help too much. Another idea was to add Magic (spells would cost magic points instead of actions to cast and wizards would use actions to gain magic points), to add another layer. but this sounds like A. unneeded complexity and B. does not really add more expandability to the game.

Just my 2 cents to get the thread started. Thanks a lot for any advice. And in the case that you wonder: This game was inspired by MOBA style computer games like DOTA (domain of the ancients) or LoL (league of legends). But many adjustment where necessary to fit into the micro format (3x3 board) that Im thinking about.

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Joined: 01/11/2009
We had a chance to playtest

We had a chance to playtest "Realm of Legends" today and it was big fun. In its current version, the game is unbalanced like hell - but we had a great time. Some things we learned from todays playtest (will be reflected in the next version of the rulebook):

1. Gameplay Speed
In order to speed up the game, we changed some rules:
* Heroes now have 1 action to spend when entering play
* Heroes can move without turning, by remaining their facing direction (sidestep).
* Heroes can now move diagonally for just 1 action - except if all adjacent spaces are occupied.

2. Skills
we deciced to focus the game even more around the skills and removed the gear cards for now. skills got changed:
* Most Skills are not permanent anymore, you just play them - resolve their effects and discard them afterwards.
* Most Skills cost no actions in order to play, only the more powerful skills require actions.

3. Balancing
* Heroes do NOT gain health from attaching skills anymore
* increased heroes attack and decreased health each by 1
* defeated heroes return to your tavern face-down. they are turned face-up during the next turn and can enter play again during the turn after.
* rolled fumbles (1's on d6) now negate one success result (either 4,5 or 6) of the rollers choice (not the opponents choice). it was just too harsh, because your opponent would always negate your critical 6's).

4. Conclusion:
Playing on a 3x3 board is both FUN and more strategic than you might think at first. The facing direction and actions of heroes are the meat of the game. you have to ignore the limited movement space completely - as movement is not a big part of this game. its about proper placement and skill use. You should imagine your heroes more like "towers" and not like movable objects (haha).

Final interesting insight: In most deck based games, you wait for the right creature to be drawn. As the heroes are not included in the deck, you instead wait for the right skills to be drawn. This means you can always play heroes and battle with them, but in order to power them up via skills - you depend on the draw. its an interesting twist that we will explore further in the future versions of the game.

Oh, and the very first artworks arrived:

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