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Rounds and turns

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I was wondering what fellow designers might think about the concept of "Rounds". To explain, I am trying to make a distrinction between a "Turn" and a "Round":

A "Turn" is defined by several "Rounds". Each "Round" is defferent from the one before.

So if a player is to skip a "turn", that means he does not play in any of the "rounds" that follow until the NEXT "turn".

I am trying to make this distinction because I would want that all players get a piece of the action. What I mean is this:

Suppose we have four (4) players.

Turn #1 starts, Round #1 starts:

Player 1 puts his Ante, Player 2 puts his Ante, Player 3 puts his Ante and lastly Player 4 puts his Ante.

Turn #1 starts, Round #2 starts:

Player 1 draws one cards, Player 2 draws one card, Player 3 draws one card and lastly Player 4 draws one card.

(And so on...)

So how does this differ from your usual game? Well usually it goes something like this:

Turns #1 starts:

Player 1 puts his Ante, next he draws one card, ... Player 1 ends his turn.

Player 2 now plays... etc.

There is a BIG difference between both. But what the way with the "Rounds" allows is for multiple players to do battle (for example all four players can compete against each other during the "battle round").

Without "Rounds" it becomes strictly about two player duals (one player versus another). This is not as exciting as having four players competing for the same prize. The odds of winning are radically different (1 in 4, as opposed to 1 in 2).

Do you think players will understand this distinction???

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I would say "turns" are more

I would say "turns" are more often represented as a subset of "rounds", and not the other way around. it's my understanding that the etymology is from going "around" the table... each player having 1 or more turns. usually I'd call something that's a subset of a turn a "phase" or "step".

certainly players can understand the distinction, but I'd be leery of going against the grain with the terminology.

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What Truekid said. Rounds are

What Truekid said. Rounds are made up of Turns. Turns might be made up of Phases or Steps. Anything else feels really weird.

Sometimes there is no need for a "turn" -- simultaneous action games, for instance, might have various Steps that are part of each Round.

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