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Settlers of catan flowchart

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First take a look at this picture

The idea was an attempt to create some sort of notification system for games. I was trying to find ways to display game information.

The right section of the flowchart looks a lot like process modeling like used by computer architect. I think it is the part of the diagram that works the best.

I thought that maybe I should make separate diagrams and link them differently.

The diagram to the right could be the components of the game, how they are manipulated and the information it contains.

For one of my game, I made a diagram totally different than these two. The primary reason is that I don't know yet how the game will work, so I cannot flowchart the process of the game or all the components of the game because there is a lot of holes. Instead, I just linked concepts together. For example: Cities [produce] gold, gold [maintains] units, etc.

So the first question: What is the use of flow charting games? Is there an advantage to do so?

On my point of view Flow charting a game that already exist would only be useful to find loopholes or other bugs in the game. Still I don't see it much useful.

I think the best use would be to make a flowchart before the game exist as some sort of brainstorming process to place the elements into place.

I don't know exactly how is the best way to represent this yet.

Since I was a computer technician, I know about process flowchart, and relational database schematics. I tried once making a relational database out of a board game but it was not very useful because it has no relation what so ever with how the game would be built. Do you know any other flowchart type that could be useful in game design? Sure I can browse what visio has to offer.

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