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simple vs complex

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I'm working on a race game. It started out as simple as Cosmic Wimp Out, going as far as you dare before rolling a Pit Stop dice while trying to obtain a strategically advantageous spot on the track. But it seems to be evolving into something more complicated; using cards of various sorts and Yellow flags and other Nascar rules. It moves along quite well with just a few rules to help even out the luck of the roll, i.e. "If you're more than X spaces ahead, you've used too much fuel and need to pit."
So my question is, when is simple boring and when are added mechanics just frou-frou?

Markus Hagenauer
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Only playtesting can answer

Only playtesting can answer this.
As you come up with added mechanics, i guess it feel boring without, does it?
So add a mechanic and try again. Don´t add more than one mechanic at once. Test it step by step.
If a rule / mechanic does not make the game better, leave it out.

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