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Social Poker Player Challenges

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Joined: 08/16/2011

Hi all,

I am a 35 rd old 3rd year game design/developer student and joined this forum to try and get some help, or intelligent feedback. I am launching 3 game poker app on Facebook in Decemeber. I sincerely plan to compete with WPT and Zynga Poker for user attention. My current design is locked, where it is more of a working prototype with a few bells and whistles, but its all i could afford in 6 months production time. I am hard at work for implementing the newest features for the following version.

Now until the beta is launched, i cant really come right out and tell you how to play 2 of the 3 games that i am publishing. I will tell you there will be the most popular, Texas HoldEm... as well as another texas holdem style communtity game variation, and the last is a 7 card stud variation.

This app from launch will feature player access to global leaderboards, audio graphics implementation, and my favorite - the ability to create private or public table games AND host public or private tournements up to 1800+ participants.

So if i have your attention, my current task is to create a model through facebook that keeps the players immersed. roginality will get people to my app, but once they are there they will want more than just playing cards. I want to imlement challenges, much like Zynga does, but obviously i want to be creative and authentic in the design.

To all members involved with this topic, i will award a year platinum membership just for participation, and for any ideas or challenges we come up with or that i like - i will reward with a lifetime subscription. Some are more talented thatn others, so if you are that good - and have multiple ideas that are attractive - i would be willing to talk more closely of a perm position.

Each challenge calls for
1. Challenge NAME, American Muscle.
2. Declaration, Go all in and win 25 times.
3. Time limit, 48 hours.
4. Friends limits, up to 10.
5. Participation requirements
a. Collect 4 Tires from friend requests.
b. Collect 4 Cans of Gas.
c. Collect 16 Motor parts.
d. Collect 16 AfterMarket Parts.
6. Reward, American Muscle animated avatar/1000 chips, 150 XP.

6 points to define to submit a completed challenge, keeping in mind the 10 player max participation in winning the 25 hands, but up to 40 request a day may be sent out. these are typical standards to most of the games you find on FB, but we are not bound.

Rewards may range from in game Chip bonuses, giftshop items life annimated graphics, pre designated audio comments (new feature), and CASH (a form of in game money for instantly purchasing collectables or special tourney entry.

Look guys, i am hoping to have fun with this, i came up with American Muscle example just off the top of my head. Challenges could be anything... be creative.

I also had the thought of creating "Your Casino" giving the player the dynamic of opening and building up their own casnio to make additional daily chips but havent quite scratched it all out yet... and we will leave that to another topic if responses are good.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to post here, its the only site i have been to other than my own, and i hope my presence is welcomed.

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Joined: 08/17/2011
Hey Xspice, well welcome

Hey Xspice, well welcome first of all.

The post sounded a little cut-throat if you don't mind me saying. I don't wish to cause any offence to you, but I always believe that being nice, genuine, and humble gives you a lot more credence in anything you do.

I am not too sure of exactly the ins and outs of posting a computer game related topic up on the forums here in "Board Game Designers Forum" and it might be worth you having a look at or or

BUT! I am not one to not lend my advice when someone is in need so as for the games "bonus" ideas (I assume they will in a similar manner to "Unlockables" in most modern games CoD, Team Fortress 2 etc) In which case: your list, is it always as definite as this? Or is each section optional? eg: the "friends limit" does that mean that after X number of friends, you are no longer eligible to accomplish the task? Also the "Collect 4 tires / gas / motor parts" What do these mean and how do they relate to poker. Reward: avatar/chips/xp. Avatar is always a good idea: you will obviously need to design them, the chips again is a good idea: ONLY if the chips are at a limit. For example: if the player has a limited number of chips (and therfore a limited number of "plays" at your poker game) then this would be an obvious choice to enable "goals" that players need to work towards in order to keep playing. Also here is "XP" , assumingly the players can therfore go up with each level? What does each level bring: access to higher stakes tables/extra bonuses?

Because as I'm sure you understand by saying:

Accomplishment: Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend
"Have 5 diamonds in your hand and win against a female opponent in any competetive game"


Accomplishment: Old boys club
"Have 5 clubs in your hand and win against a male opponent in any competetive game"

I can exactly say "rewards are: 1000xp / a billion chips. Because without getting really involved in your level and chip systems, I cannot give these fair and balanced answers to you.

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Joined: 08/16/2011
Thank you for your input, i

Thank you for your input, i tried to cover as much as i could without confusing everyone.

First, i would like to say that i chose this site because i felt card games and board games were part of the same genre, i dont mean to offend if not.

The outline above is not scratched in stone, but it is how the admin will allow me to input challenge paramenters.

To answer one of your first questions, the format is kinda locked - only 10 friends may help per challenge, only 1 challenge at a time. This means that after you send out requests to friends for help on your challenges, only the 1st 10 to respond will be able to assist you. Avatar designs, audio clips, everything else is already provided, cept the graphics for new chalenges, which we will make as needed. These challenges are part of a matrix to keep the user playing, motivated to obtain more chips, as free players will only get a specific amount daily for to play with for free. Subscribed members get at least double the daily amount.

the XP i cant expect you to understand, but to answer you more clearly, each level progression gets harder and harder, meaning the XP requirements increase with each level promotion, so additional Xp awards wil be essential to player progression. Upon each level achieved, player will recieve chip bonus, an Xp bonus, and certain levels achieved will reward our version of ingame money for tourneys and purchasing gift shop items....

I do hope this helps clear things a little.

I like the Diamonds are a girls best friend idea. Very clever. That is exactly the kind of insight i am looking for. The name alone is something that could be built from.

As the launch of this site will be the first of its kind, we are planning to record stats as lifetime achievemnts.

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Joined: 08/16/2011
My appologies if i sounded

My appologies if i sounded cut-throat in any of my posts... You never can tell how direct you need to be on new forums... IDGA will not even read your posts if they find any grammer or capitolization errors, as they see it as a reflection of character!?!?! But hopefully over the next few months we can exchange enough for you to know i am ma-jellin as they come.

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Joined: 08/17/2011
Ok that makes things more

Ok that makes things more understandable: but I am still unsure of the "petrol gas car parts" thing. But otherwise: I follow what you are saying! :)

Just one thought that has crept up on me, you could do something similar to Valves current TF2 model for unlocking and bonuses. Perhaps something like - at random intervals (every, say 2 card games) you "found" an item. Perhaps pieces of a puzzle or scraps of paper, or components that make up a robot (something thematic to go with yoyr game) and once you have found 10 certain parts of the puzzle, you could use them to unlock a big super special secret : different card backings or different fronts of the cards or different backgrounds or a big wedge of xp or something. That might be a nice component to add to your formula as well.

So with the below: I have not included XP and rewards and will let you do that bit as it wouldn't mean anything if I were to make up some numbers or other.

"Diamonds are a girls Best Friend"
"Old boys Club"
"Hearts and minds"
"Digging with the Spades"
-Each of those would be some theme on "win X games with hands full of hearts/clubs/spades/diamonds"

"Snake Eyes"
Win a game with pocket aces aces

"Snake Poions"
Lose a game with pocket aces

"I knew I shoulda..."
Fold in a game that you were sure to win

"It's a gambling game"
go "all in" without looking at your hand

"I was born unlucky"
Fold before the flop in 6 games in a row

"Spitting Lightning "
Finish and win a game in less than 20 seconds

"Oh yeah...i've played this before"

"Lock Horns"
Raise the bet more than 4 times after the river has been shown

"NO mercy"
Get 3 people out in a single game

"Ace pilot"
Win with an Ace high

"I'm the king!"
Win with a king high

Win with a 10 high

"Rakeback Pro"
Come back to win a game after having the fewst cihps in the round

"In the money"
Have at least $X in a game

"Big Spender"
Lose at least $X in a game

"Gypsy Jazz"
Check a blind

"Well if you guy's arent..."
Check in a no bet round

There are so many you could do with this topic. What I would do is probably go to and just put some of the phrases there (that already exist) into your unlockables.

Also this : just use the already existing possible hand names into unlockables i.e.

Have a "Big-Slick" hand (Ace-King)

"Hook(er) line and sinker"
Land a "hookers" hand (Jack-Jack)

"Cowboy Rodeo"
Trap a "cowboys" hand (King-King)

These should give you loads of ammunition to use :)

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