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A survey about game design

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Joined: 08/12/2017

Hey folks,

I have started to think that I should create a tool to help myself and other game designers design games. In order to make sure that I create the right thing, I made a survey.

Here it is:

If you want to help direct my efforts as to what tool I make, please fill it out :)


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Hi Mike!

Filled out the survey, and the choices all sound useful. I did have a more specific suggestion for software if you don't want to deal with the chicken-and-egg problems of getting enough playtesters/editors on your site.

Writing rules can be really tedious, and neither Word nor Writer is really designed for this kind of highly iterative editing punctuated by long periods of being wrapped up in another project. It might be possible to do all of the following as some kind of plug-in for Writer:

Stealing an idea from script-writing software called "alternate dialog," sections of the rules can have versions retained in the document.

A couple new attributes for each image will prompt the author for a source for each image, a license type (CC0, CC-BY-NC, etc.), licensing status (basically can it be used as-is in the final document), and a flag for whether the image is a "placeholder."

A simple way to turn six die-face images into an isometric picture of a die. Since they're images, they would have the attributes listed above.

Whatever import or export functionality you can imagine (import a card image from nanDeck, export as CMYK for printers, etc.).

Some templates for common rulebook and sellsheet structures.

And I'm sure I'm missing something important since this is off the top of my head.

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Game design is challenging

I think coming up with a "good" or "great" prototype is a real challenge. Personally I've worked on over a dozen designs and the thing that blocks me is that the games are NOT fun. What happens is the ideas sounds AMAZING and I work very hard to produce a makeshift "prototype" and then I sit down and TEST the design, only to find that the ideas in practice are "boring"!

Perhaps this is a very subjective criticism of my prototypes, often I find that some IDEAS in the game idea are worth keeping like and RPS system, or a class system, etc. But overall the design sucks.

And while it's better knowing this EARLY rather than later, it still means a lot of EFFORT was put into designing "crap". I guess that's why many people say ideas are "worthless"... It's when you have a GAME that is of value... And I guess this means going through the playtesting with a positive outcome.

That's my take on why designers struggle with ideas. To be real honest there are MANY people designing games and putting out less than stellar content. Do they succeed on Kickstarter? Most don't... So they know it's something they made that was less than stellar. Just because you like a game, doesn't mean the public will like it too...

Anyhow if you're not paranoid about sharing your ideas and seeing what other people think - you'll never be comfortable in sharing a prototype to see what people think of your GAME.

Just some feedback - designing "good" or "great" games is hard.

The Odd Fox
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Mike, I went to complete your


I went to complete your survey and thought it looked familiar. That's when I realized I had completed it when you posted on the BGDG of Utah's facebook page. Until then I hadn't realized you were the same Mike Brown from that facebook group!

Good luck on the survey! I hope you'll share any findings or insights you get from participants.

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Joined: 08/12/2017

Thanks guys for your support. I appreciate the brainstorming and words of encouragement. I will certainly think of other options if that is what the long answer portion of the survey shows.

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