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Table Top Card Game Idea... Feed Back Plz.

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I was just thinking about the idea of combining 2 different types of games, Table top war games such as "Warhammer" with card games such a "Magic the Gathering".

The idea is this the playing field would be broken down into a grid with each grid the size of a trading card.

Each player would have a deck of cards, which would represent their army.

Each player will have a starting zone on the playing field or war zone.

The players start with a 5 card hand, drawing a new card each turn.

The players will be able to add one new unit from their hand or up grade one unit already in play each turn assuming they have the proper resources.

There will be resources scatter across the board as well as resource card in each players deck. These resources will be required to place unites on the field. These unites will range from standard soldiers to armor assault vehicles to relay towers. one resource card may be played per a turn such a land cards in magic the gathering. The resource locations on the map on the other hand generate 1 resource per a round for the player controlling them. A player controls a resource location by occupying said location.

Please keep in mind that I have only been working on this idea for about an hour or so and that any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for you time and advice.

Howard Teegarden

Garage Gamer
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Hi Noble Wolf, I too have

Hi Noble Wolf,

I too have been experimenting with the Wargaming/Card Game Hybrid idea. In my research I managed to find a game that did do something similar to what you are describing: Summoner Wars (do a google search on it there is a tonne of info on it).

One hurdle that will have to be crossed early on is balance. In wargames such as Warhammer and Warmachine, both players have an amount of "points" to spend on their army. Obviously you could make each card cost a certain amount of points in deck construction etc. Personally, I would not take this approach for a card game as it feels a bit too restrictive to me (due to my MtG roots).

I like the idea of having locations on the map that generate resources. Perhaps a system where you place building onto the board itself that generates resources while active but can be destroyed or taken by opponents (be careful with "taken" as it can be really hard to get right). For example, a gold mine card that gives you one gold a turn but an enemy can attack it and make it go to the discard.

I am definitely liking the idea and hope you get to develop it further.

All the best,
Garage Gamer

Joined: 10/25/2014
Replay to Garage Gamer

Thank you Garage Gamer,

As for "Balance" the idea is that this will be a LCG and not a CCG meaning that this game will be a from the box ready to play with pre-constructed decks and each card will have a resource cost to play as well some units will have special abilities that will also have a resource cost to preform. As well each unit will have a movement speed telling the player how far that unit my travel per turn.

As for resource locations, you gave me a great idea. Just by occupying the location the player receives one resource per turn but if they place a processing center on the location, it will increase that to 2 resources per turn and the processing center will have a defense which will decrease from attacks and may be destroyed reducing it back to 1 resource per turn.

Now a resource location will be considered under a players control after 1 round of occupation. Now when the attacking player destroys the occupying forces they must move a unit to that location and must hold that location for 1 round before the location starts producing resources for them. This also means that if the defending player has placed a processing center on the location and it survives the attacking player may also take possession of the center.

Thank you again Garage Gamer for your input.

Howard Teegarden

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