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Thoughts on Racing Games?

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RED is basically "finished", mechanics wise. Aside from tweaking the rules and redoing some artwork (and making separate files for TGC) I don't see myself doing much more to it. Don't get me wrong...I intended to make RED a living project, where I'd continuously add content over time. That hasn't changed but that doesn't mean I can't think about a new project, right?

I wanted to make a dungeon crawler (from the perspective of Monsters in the dungeon) after RED. Still do but recently another idea's been buzzing in my head. This second idea involves a galactic battle x racing circuit in which robots are flown across the galaxy / planets like "tracks".

Managing your Robo via planetary pit stops, upgrading weapons (using parts you "borrow" and parts your workers make), and customizing your Robot before the game are the three big concepts toward it. Most of my games tend to be very character focused so this would also include a roster. Albeit a smaller one.

At the moment I'm doing research on popular racing games on the side. As well as looking into the Twilight Imperium games. Not exactly the same, but TI has some of the best resource management I've seen in a game. In my opinion anyway. Are there any good racing games you guys think I should look into?

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Formula D

If you're researching the most popular racing games, you've probably already run across Formula D, but I've got to say this is my favourite of all racing games and would recommend it highly if you haven't played it yet. I'm curious about your resource management aspects, remember not to bog it down too much since racing games should ideally feel fast-paced and tense!

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Street Illegal

Although it's received a somewhat lukewarm reception, I recommend Street Illegal (called "Fette Auto" in a European release). There's bluffing, endurance, luck, compact tablespace, and drama...all without dice. As far as racing games go, it's one of my favourites.

I actually think I recommended this game to someone else here at BGDF not too long ago...

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Mad Rush Rally is a popular

Mad Rush Rally is a popular Game Crafter game that looks really fun. I've only read reviews, but I'll definitely be picking this up myself soon. Jamaica is also a great racing game.

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