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Thriller-Action/Horror Investigagation Game (Multiple Concerns/questions)

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Ok, i think this is the right Forum for asking about some of my ideas about this ...
(It is still hard for me to find my way around this site ... and i have been away from here a long time again, now.)
I may have done a thread similar to this more than half a year back ...
I have some good basic rules for a hobby project of mine, this variant of that project is kind of a mix between CoC, X-Files, Hellboy, Evil Dead, ZombieSplatter, and a possibility to call in some kind of military if neccesary.

One will, if one want to, be able to play out a campaign like this:
* Occult investigators searches through a house ... but they end up having to flee for their lives.
* Whatever the investigators "woke up" starts terrorizing the village the house is in.
* Some law enforcement(and/or civilians?) might manage to retrive some information.
* Finally, some (very?)odd Specialist Agents arrives, and starts ... handling the problem.

The Game requires a GamesMaster, mainly to remove most of the need for Player vs Enemy balance.

My concerns:
I do have an idea for "Horror Value", a little like the CoC Sanity value, but i would like others opinions as well.
Remember, it is supposed to not be too complex.
I also have an idea to possibly include Pets, and some characters that may be "Huggable" to remove some horrific tension.

I'm also fond of Anthro-animals as heroes. Yes, this is quite far from "Classic Horror", i know, but i think horror is very obtainable, still.

Also, i obviously do need some good basics for when to use what category of people, like Students, Villagers, Advanced Civilians, Powered Civilians, Police, FBI Agents, SWAT, Military, Powered Special Agents ....
Now, any comments?

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some questions...

Just a few questions to clarify what you're trying to accomplish.

1) I assume this is an RPG you're planning. Have you thought about some simple systems that might fit your idea, like WoD or FATE? If you're trying to come up with your own unique mechanics system, which existing RPG core system would you say most fits? You might want to check out the systems for Unknown Armies or even WoD 2.0 for your madness tracks.

2) If some other type of game, can you clarify what sort of experience you want the player to have, outside of the narrative storyline?

Joined: 10/05/2009
Some answers.

Thanks for answering, i assumed this thread was forgotten ...

I would not really call it an rpg, even though it is heavy on 2 things that is vital for an rpg, namely a GM and a plot.
I have made my own game system, the basics works, but the details for this kind of game haven't truly been worked out, nor testplayed in full, yet.
The basic rules are worked out from WoD, but somewhat simplyfied for speed, into "one attack, one Roll", that is more an ecco from miniature games such as Space Hulk.
A similar thing goes for non-combat skill checks (there are no combat skill checks, the possibility to hit is "baked" into the Attack Roll, together with the damage).
I manage this through the use of multi-sided die vs the targets Body(or Armor).

I see the game as a Miniatures Game, with large rpg-influences, and it is even possible for one player to play a full investigator group, if warranted.

The experience:
... outside of the narrative?
The intention is, that it can be played as a splatter movie, or as a thriller(nothing supernatural), or as something similar to a CoC-assignment.
But, the important thing may be, that the players should perhaps not know which it is, as they start playing.

Also, one may allow for a different twist:
A SWAT Team enters a house, prepared to take on any hiding criminals there. But instead, they are caught in a splatter- or CoC-like scenario.
To clearify further:
It is to play through, with miniatures, parts of Horror Movies and -series, Splatter Movies, Thrillers, and mixes between those, but also to play through scenarios rarely (or never?) seen in movies and series, such as SWAT's in a haunted house, or an Indiana Jones-type trying to get rid of gremlins ....

Or summary:
Horror, Splatter, and/or Thriller Action, with the suspense of not knowing what it is beforehand (unless agreed with the GM).

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