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What are your thoughts on the theme for my game?

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Game: Reel Them In
By Chuck Tut

You control a group of fishermen whos goal is to catch and sell the most fish by the end of the fishing season. But the catchy part of the thematic gameplay is that players use different types of bait to catch different types of fish but anyone can use certain bait to block others from catching certain fish.

I know it's not the most flashy types of themes out there but any feedback to get an idea of how people react to it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: would it help if I added a Pokémon like twist to the theme? Like catching 3 of the rarest types of fish but only certain bait can be used to catch them.

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Exotic Fish?

You are trying to catch exotic fish from a scared pond? Might be a little inhumane though as you would be selling them? I think the art would have to come through for it to work without some "extra theme". Like some old retired guys fighting on a fishing boat for the state prize money. Could be interesting. Is this a serious game or a more light "fun" game? I've never played or seen a fishing game so it might have a place somewhere :D

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Commercial or recreational fishing?

The idea of getting the most money by the end of the season sounds like commercial fishing boats (trawling or trapping), but the stuff about specific baits sounds more like recreational fishing (dangling a hook in the water).

Those are two very different themes.

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It has to room to be either

It has to room to be either or. It's a light weight game which could work with fun looking art style but is also plays with a decent amount of strategy so nothing too cartoony would be ideal.

Also should note that the theme isn't the driving factor of the game so yes it's a fishing game but it's gonna feel more of the strategy game play.

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Realistically yes they are

Realistically yes they are two different styles of fishing but the my main theme is more of commercial fishing to make money to win the game and the bait I'm talking about would be Bait Lines that heavy finishing boats leave out in the water while making rounds to catch the most possible fish without waiting in one area of the sea. If that makes sense.

Rick L
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I think it's a cool theme,

I think it's a cool theme, and the goals & basic mechanics seem to make a great fit for the theme. My attention is usually drawn to heavier games, so lighter weight games have to stand out a lot to me for me to get as interested. Your theme does stand out to me!

Ugur Yazgan
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I really liked the idea

Hey Chuck,

I really liked the idea. Have you ever thought about a kid version of this game as well? I have a daughter, she is 6, she would definitely love a light version of your game.

Hope it will be on our table one day.

Good luck.


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Awesome! I would definitely

Awesome! I would definitely say that the components make the game closer to medium weight, but it feels like a light weight game because it's an easy setup and easy to understand but there can be a heavy amount of strategy when playing. Glad to hear its got you interested.

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Thanks for the comment Ugur.

Thanks for the comment Ugur. I will definitely keep in mind about incorporating a light kid's version of my game as well. I hope it gets on your table and others as well

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Not enough "outdoors-person" games!

Hey Chuck Tut! Personally, I don't think there are enough hunting and fishing games out there, well good ones anyhow. I hope you keep us posted on your progress!

This sounds like a good game! I'm reminded of "Deadliest Catch" from your description.

Good luck!

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