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What do you love about games? What do you look for, or want to emulate in your games?

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I wrote this goal as I am making my first game, and I want to have a clear direction for the final product in terms of the feelings and experiences players will have during the game.
My goal is to create the following experience:

•Plenty of player interaction (my actions directly and indirectly affect you)
•Feeling of ownership and stake in building your empire (Settler's of Catan is like that. You feel proud of what you've built.)
•Some luck but lots of Strategy. I want the players to feel they made really good decisions or realize they made bad decisions, not just accept the outcome as just the way things go. I read somewhere (probably in these forums) that the player enjoys destroying an enemy space station because of good planning and effort instead of just playing the card that destroys the enemy space station.
•Anxiety: that feeling in a game where you are worried about what the other players could do, and very anxious for it to be your turn already!
What are some experiences or feelings you really like in games?

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Going for depth... and customization

BenMora wrote:
What are some experiences or feelings you really like in games?

Well with our current endeavor, I wanted the game to feel larger than it is. And basically that is what we are headed for...

The game has a TON of cool cards, from equipment such as armors, swords, spells, to various Character cards players can choose from. A player can currently choose from 2 classes (Fighter or Cleric) and each class has 3 Character cards with varying stats. Each class has 6 distinct special skills they can use during game play. There are 16 altered player states with various penalties. The game supports Melee, Ranged and Area combat (Think SPELLS!)

I also wanted to create a game similar to the concept of owning AD&D books: there is a Dungeon Master book, a Monsters Manual and a Player's Handbook. Similarly in our game we also have 3 products: An Essentials Kit (which has bits, pouches, dice, etc.), a Dungeon Set (everything related to the dungeon players will explore) and lastly 2 Character Sets (as mentioned earlier).

If we add the *Booster Packs* to the game - it becomes even more customizable: you can choose which rewards you will be able to collect during your exploration of the dungeon... We really hope that we will be able to design this 300 card set. This is akin to customizing your deck in MtG, but with rewards...

In total there are 7 Dungeon Sets and 6 Character Sets (Classes). Adding the 300 card Booster Packs would make this game HUGE. Even without, we feel that the experience will hopefully make a distinction in the "Dungeon Crawler" category.


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It depends...

It depends...on the type of game.

At one point I wanted to create a game that was scary. It was suposed to make you feel like you were watching a horror movie and that at any point you could turn the corner to find something awful -- jump out of your seat -- scary.

Yeah -- I'm still working on that one...

I've made a kung fu game that did a pretty good job of simulating the "off-the-wall" antics of those classic movies. The cards are pivoted around the tabletop and 'bounce' off the obstacles in the 'room'. Since you can choose completely what moves to make there is no random element to the game and therefore you really get the sense you are in a real fight.

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For the love of storytelling

I like player interaction. You know the games that make you talk about how the game went after the game was played or had to stop playing due to 3 am and you have work in the morning. The involvement is what I like. Creating worlds or characters that the players can put their character shoes on and experience what the characters are feeling in that world. Emotion, Strategy, Skills, Sense of ergency of what to do in a stressful evironment when the ovbious is just right out of reach and the character gets smacked behind the head or trips over the hidden wire under their feet because they didn't look.

I like large worlds where you can explore and venture off and look and see the imaginary sites with in your concious minds. That fear of the unknown when your character has to walk down the long dark hallway or alley or tunnel without no flashlight, torch, or lighter to brighten up a small bit of darkness in front of you. And then there is the pure action of the fight sequences between good and evil. Both parties are attacking, defending, dodging, rolling out of the way from the swords, punches and kicking and grabbing to get away or to knock senseless mayhem into the opponent.

I like the customization for character clothing, weapons, items and accessories and building structures to get out of a jam or to get into a jam in the next area.

Planning my next move or seeing what the opponent will do or hearing what the your team mates will be doing in an action sequence or non action seqeunce.

Off Topic per say: My newphew and I have tried to play a full game of Yugioh more than several times with in an hours time to say the least. But when we start talking about other topics with in the game and have fun and 45 to 2 hours later we forget who's move it was and trying to figure it out we had gotten bored and went to some other game or just went to play video games til 12 am. Those were pretty cool years. Then we went on playing M:TG. Pretty much the same concept but he would beat my cards to a sensless pulp and he would get bored quickly. And that's okay. So we went to do other things. So it depends on the player who is really interested in ccg or tcg that hooks them into playing or just wanting to play these games that makes them want to buy the product for collectable value or playing value because everyone else is doing it at his school or just want to do something different to fill in a few hours of boredom.

I like strategy games, roleplaying games, action fighting games, I am not a huge fan on stealth games. If its stealth in one or two levels to get into a warehouse or castle or where ever the storyline leads is alright for my tastes but throughout the entire game and have awesome weapons and can't use them with out being seen is just awkward and obsurd to me. I like to get in the action. I also enjoy racing sims. I have illustrated a racing game for my two nephews and one niece who came up the game mechanics of their game and I put it all together and asked them why does this piece need to be in the game, how does this icon work. It was a great game design session. And they are 5, 7, and 8 years old. And we playtest the game quite frequently.

This is my two cents.

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