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What would you consoder a childern game theme

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Hi all...
I have a game which I gave a theme pretty much early on: it's about a fishing contest, or if you would like an aquarium contest where the contestants are trying to catch the most beautiful fishes to their aquarium (later they set them free or something).

Anyway a few days ago I had some thinking on another theme for another game and suddenly the fishing contest theme looked childish in comparison to a castle building theme (for example).

Now I have some questions regarding the issue:
1. do you feel/think the fishing contest theme is more suitable for children game?
2. under the assumption that you don't know how complicated my game is, and if it's even suitable for children, what will be your answer to question #1?
3. do you think themes can be versatile? can you use a theme for two games, one complicated and the other for children?

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Any theme could be a children

Any theme could be a children or adult game. Here is a recent example: There is a new video game called "Mini Ninja". Compared to other ninja games, which are dark and gory, this one was made completely for childrens.

For example, all the ennemies are in fact animals changed by a spell. So each time you kill and ennemy, it changes into an animal. So you don't kill, you free animals.

So there is always a way to turn a game in either ways (children or adult). Another video game example: "Conquer's bad fur day" was a cute squirel game that got converted into a violent, bloody and disgusting game ... with a cute squirel.

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It's less important what theme you give it, than that you create it. Kids just want to play games - especially with mom or dad. If mom and dad will sit down and play a game with the kid, it could be about belly button lint and they would have fun.

I recently created two different games for my grandkids. One using TRANSFORMERS for my grandson and the other featuring SAILOR MOON for my grandaughter. They will play either at the drop of a hat if Pop or Mim will play with them.

It's less about the game than it is about human interaction.

The SAILOR MOON game is pretty lame as a game - but it is HER game and the adults in her life [and her 7 year old big brother] will play it with her - that makes it the coolest game on the planet.

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