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Is "winning" fun?

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Is "winning" fun?

I created a game once that was a series of tournaments. In each round of each tournament, players would pair up and win or lose. Then, at the end of each tournament, there would be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for that tournament. This was a game that had a lot of opportunities to achieve small victories.

There were three ways to win:
1) Win the final tournament
2) Win the most tournaments
3) Become the wealthiest player

The above three ways were equal in value. There was a second tier:
1) Achieve two out of three of the first tier
2) Win twice as many tournaments as the next best player
3) Win three times more money than the next wealthiest player

Yes, winning was fun - especially when there were multiple objectives. Do you have an example of a game where you had multiple winners?

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mutiple winning criterias,

mutiple winning criterias, yes
multiple winners, no

although i think the only reason it worked in what you participated in, was because it was a tournament environment, and there were multiple criterias to getting a prize

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