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Word games

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I am currently working on a word game design and planning to make a post soon to get feedback and get me in the right direction.

Are Word Games still relevant in board/card games these days? I have only seen a few that take Scrabble and put a nice twist on it. Kerflip is one that instantly came to mind. Unspeakable Words is one I own which is fun yet a different.

Just want to get some input.


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Word Games

Hi Luis,

Have you ever played the game “Balderdash”?

I think it was released about fifteen years ago and no doubt other word games have been since.
The game wasn’t all about words alone but for me the best category featured an unusual word that few people would be likely to know and while the card holder (known as the Dasher) would write down the real answer on a slip of paper competing players (if they didn’t) would have to write down a bluff of what it meant on their own slips of paper before handing them back to the Dasher unsighted.

Once mixed together the Dasher reads them all out one at a time while everyone else says which has the real meaning scoring points by picking right or by bluffing others of your own meaning or description. Each player takes turns at being the dasher and drawing cards containing several categories.

Other categories included some obscure movie title or a person’s name and to describe what it was about or what they were known for.

I would categorize it as a word game although there is no board and add that it created more laughter than any card or board game I’ve ever played.


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If they are interesting

If they are interesting enough, word games are great.

Kerflip! won a "best word game" award and a Mensa Select award both in 2013.

I've got one in the works which I'm working towards that Mensa award. Here's hoping. lol

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I'd like to see more word games

Word games are definitely relevant and fun. Anagram based and others. I'm stuck with my word game where I tried to combine a tile laying puzzle and word building. The underlying layer supposed to look like grid made of puzzle tiles and the upper layer should consist of letter tiles. But as said, it's a jam situation. Better luck with your project!

This top ten list was helpful for me.

In addition What's My Word?


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