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16th century tavern jobs

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Hi all,

I'm creating a game where the point is to fill a [16th century] tavern full of customers. I have a bunch of servants that fulfill different tasks according to where the player decides to put them:
i.e.: musicians bring in more customers, maid cleans the tavern, wenches serve the customers, etc. a servant can be all of these! customers come in 4 categories: villagers, sailors, pirates and vagrants (which all act differently)
I need more tasks for the servants to be able to do but can't really think of more to do in a 16th century tavern.
Ideally, the task should provide income to the tavern in one way or another, i thought about some sort of gambler but I don't want to up the chance. any thoughts would be much appreciated :)



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strongman or bouncer - to

strongman or bouncer - to control who enters

A Host/Hostess - to arrange where patrons sit

Barkeep - to produce drinks for pirates and vagrants

Cooks - to produce food

sounds like an interesting game - my head is swimming with ideas on how to mechanically implement it - assuming I get what you're doing.

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ideas are always welcome :) i

ideas are always welcome :)
i think the mechanic of the game is already pretty solid, but hey, you never know what people come up with right .


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Lol! the board game I'm

Lol! the board game I'm currently makingis also about taverns,(but its fantasy) but it my case the customers will be from fantasy archetypes warriors, wizards etc. maybe we can trade ideas.Anyway some ideas for a tavern, check this out:,4212.msg33926/topicseen.h...

good luck!

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If you can comment more on

If you can comment more on how the game plays I might be able to think up some better jobs too. I'm probably not thinking of the same game as you based on your description.

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People in tavern

Resident Gamber/Card Shark: (fleases money from certain people)

Fortune Teller: (pays tavern a percentage of her take)

Bard:In addition to music to draw people in, perhaps a Bard to tell tales to keep them there longer.

Local Celebrity(Knight, Rogue etc): Regale people with stories, increase revenue for people buying them drinks/attract a class of clients to the tavern.

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Is this strictly a tavern? People come in, eat, stay a while, drink, then go home?

Didn't some taverns serve as Inn's, too? Would the idea that rooms might be available also add to some interesting tasks, directions for the game?

Thieves, Pickpockets, Brigands, Rascals, etc. - break in and try to steal things while customers are away or sleeping?

Sherriffs, Police, etc. - try to keep the peace (similar to bouncer I guess...perhaps Bouncer's role could be increased)

Servants - now they have to change sheets, bedpans, keep the rooms clean, make a fire, collect wood, etc.

Perhaps a mechanic that determines how long customers will stay (i.e. the longer they stay, the more money the tavern makes).

Just some ideas.


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Well, the folks here seem to

Well, the folks here seem to have given you enough classes for a basic game. The game I'm pondering over myself at the moment, I'm thinking I'll get the basics down and working to make sure the mechanics work, then introduce 'expansion packs'. If you're play testing with groups, you can always develop the expansion packs as you go and if you intend to get published, then figure out the least 'specialist' or least complex bits and then approach the games company with the game and the expansion. Everyone loves a cash cow. :)

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Is this right?

I am envisioning a game where each player owns a tavern and the objective would be to "steal" patrons from other players by providing "services" that the patrons require:
Pirates would want grog/women/rooms for rent, not music/doorman.
Villagers would want music/doorman/grog, not gambling/rooms for rent.

The game would be about balancing services against what your opponents provided in order to have the most patrons?
So then each player would have to decide if they wanted to run a swarthy pirate tavern or an upscale "scholar friendly" establishment?
Then like Risk each player would be rewarded with cash at the end of their turn based on how many patrons they had.
Would patrons have values? Like Vagrants being worth 1 shilling and the "mayor" would be worth 1 gold?

Need more info. Sounds like a fun start though.

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