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2 round/continuous voting idea

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Joined: 03/22/2012

Just a random thought I had for a mechanic, although it requires a bit of work to make it hugely useful.

The general idea is that there are two or more rounds of voting, where players reveal the results of the first round and then choose their votes for the second based on that. One way I thought it could be implemented as the main mechanic for a game would be to have cards with different numbers of symbols (like a Set ... er ... set) along with "goals" that the players are each trying to achieve (more blue cards than red, an even number of ovals, difference between green and wiggly lines less than 2). This could be extended to multiple rounds, with all the votes/cards from previous rounds remaining on the table (or possibly only the most recent round kept) and able to affect the total values. It could even be run as one open and one closed voting round - everyone reveals their first card, then throws a second card into a central pile.

Are there any games that already use such a mechanic? Are there any good uses of it? One I can think of is as a traitor mechanic - play a relatively benign card first, followed by a malicious one, or even play a really helpful card in the open round followed by one that negates it in the closed round.

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Hi ConMan,

Check into the voting mechanic of the old Vampire:The Eternal Struggle CCG (Jyhad). The mechanic in that game allows players to cast votes freely, which is slightly different from your description, but it has most of the same elements you mentioned (traitorous voting, changing new votes to for/against, cards that add or subtract votes, etc.)

Good luck with your design!

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