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Action names in a science-fiction game

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Hey All,

I’m currently designing a game about scientists who are trying to flee an intergalactic research ship as it is being attacked by aliens. I’m trying to make the names of various actions somewhat science-nerdy, but not so inside that non-scientists would be confused. Anyways, my new prototype has a few new actions, and I’d like your feedback:

In this game, the victory points which allow you to win the game are called “data points.” You can get them in three ways (and I need help with the names of #s 2 and 3):
1) Whenever a scientist escapes the ship, she is worth some number of data points.
2) On board the ship, there are several ___ tokens. When a scientist picks one up, she gains a particular power (such as greater movement), but also, if she can carry it off the ship, she gains extra data points.
3) During your turn, you can discard some number of cards and spend an action to draw ___ cards. Each of these cards, at the end of the game, is worth 0-4 data points.

What are thoughts for names for #2 and #3? I was considering “research tokens” and “publication cards,” but want your thoughts (esp. the latter one I’m not super fond of yet).


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Name ideas

2) Upgrade, Patch, Beta, Alpha
3) Debugg, (Defrag)ment, Repartition, Clear Casche

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2) Luminosity; Eye-queue 3)

2) Luminosity; Eye-queue
3) Data dump; Cranium; Crystallium

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More name ideas

2) Augmentation, Amplification, Boost, Enhancement, Plug in, Jack in, Supplement
3) Information, Intel, File, ROM, Support, Encryption

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Decent ideas, I especially

Decent ideas, I especially like "upgrade token," though nothing has really grabbed me yet. Does anyone have thoughts that are less computer-science-y?

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Sci-fi names

2) I like the PLUG IN idea from Aerjen, I can also add: MUTATION TOKENS, DNA TOKENS, EXOSKELETONS, MICROCHIPS.

3) I like the names DEFRAG and DATA DUMP, I can also add: CELL CARDS, BYTES, BITS, BLOOD SAMPLES, SURVIVORS (there can be more people in the ship to save!), SAMPLES (exotic plants, Venusian animals, alien rocks....).

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takin' a shot at it

what about just using something simple like Tech Tokens (#2) and Rescue cards (#3).
you could have alien Tech as well as human Tech.
ilSilvano has a good idea:
Maybe the aliens are attacking cuz we are experimenting with alien "Specimens".
So some of your #3 cards could be specimen cards. i.e. some of the stuff you are trying to save is alien (cuz you're a scientist) and some is human or HUMANS.

P.S. more words: Terra, Ecology, Extraction, Hone, Splice, Nano.

Good luck

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My thoughts: 2)

My thoughts:

2) Bioenhancement
3) Research Results

Koen Hendrix
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How about these

2) Power Cores
3) Specimens

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I want it already!

I am really liking the concept behind this game... it really cries out to the frustrated science nerd in me :)
I can see a few ideas for your tokens:
As they offer some sort of in-game advantage, I can see (2) tokens taking on a number of different themes:
physical changes - genome, DNA, mutation, transformation etc.
technological advantages - hardware, equipment, tools, gear etc.

As for the seemingly "passive" nature of the (3) tokens I can envision that they could be broken into a number of categories, such as:
scientific - research, experimental results, data, chemicals, organisms, experiments, analysis
technological - hardware, equipment, blueprints

not wanting to run away with your idea too much, you could maybe have a different limit on tech/mutation for each of the scientists, balancing up with the amount of victory points (or potentially creating a tier-system)

anyway, good luck with it whatever you decide... am already looking forward to getting my copy when its out :)

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3) Source or Source code.

3) Source or Source code. Would make sense to me since you're seemingly taking apart your enhancements.

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The Pentagon... What the?

#2 Remember in the 70's when the pentagon was spending $32k on a hammer. They called it "an Omni-directional impact actuator" Good god! it was a $5 Hammer!

( Rg.Be. DT's) Pronounce as Rug Be Dots = (Randomly Generated Bio-enhancement Device Tokens). I have two boys in the Army and this sounds like something they would say. An intergalactic research ship would be administered via some kind of governmental form or major Corporation or combo of both.

#3 N.A.P.'s = Numerically Awarded Points

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