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Addional Victory Conditions in a cardgame

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Hello everyone,
I have been thinking about a simple cardgame that uses a limited playing field. The playing field is diamond shaped with 6 cards aligned around a center card.

The main victory condition is to place one of your cards on every field of the board.

But, it was thinking about additional victory conditions and would really like to hear your ideas. You can post almost everything, even introduce new mechanics like victory points, there could be special fields that grant you victory points. you could move your cards across the board and for each card that exits the enemies board edge you would gain points.

just whatever crosses your mind! there is only one victory condition that is forbidden: winning the game by running your enemy out of cards.

And - your victory condition idea has to use the 7-space board.

Feedback highly appreciated!

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Correct me if I am wrong, but

Correct me if I am wrong, but is noot feedback somthing you get on something? You can not realy get feedback on nothing, or am I wrong about that?

Anyway I dont think you are looking for feedback you are looking for ideas, or by the sound of things some one to design the game for you. This sound more like a design challange then anything els.

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