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Air Operation Game (Graphics linked)

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I am still working on the movement mechanic for the game but I will first explain the game to you to get an idea. I linked all my graphics in this thread but there is also a nifty embedded images thread at BGG

Here is an example of the possible logo & backside of the cards:

I just came up with this two player game idea yesterday and whipped up a few simple graphics to help me visualize the game. I am looking for any input on the movement system and plan to expand the items on the map (I just made around 5 for now to visualize the maps) which will add variety and options to the missions.

This will probably be a little long with the pictures included so I will just make a general rule guide for now.

The object of the game is to complete aerial missions to gain rank. The player with the highest rank at the end of the game wins.

To setup:
First each player chooses a token (red or blue). They also receive an aerial refueling card and a rank progression card with a d6 die placed (with the 1 on top) on the first rank. The players shuffle the map card deck and the mission card deck and lay them facedown. Each player draws 1 card from the mission card deck.

Now the game is ready to begin. Any player may flip over the first map card and roll the wind direction die. This will be explained later.

The game will look like so: (see only attached image)

First, looking at the maps:

At the start of each round of turns a new map card will be flipped over. At the moment, there are 4 unique locations (desert, arctic, oceanic, jungle) and 7 different maps for each location for a total of 28 varieties. The full legend will be added later. The compass in the upper left gives the map orientation. This is used for the wind direction die that is rolled each time a new map is played. How the wind direction die works is that anytime a player wants to destroy an enemy asset ("bomb" it) or if a player wants to make an airdrop to friendly assets they need to consider the wind.

For example, in this scenario I am playing as the blue token which means I always start at the blue shaded base. By the way, the star indicates which player gets to go first for the map. This is evenly distributed amongst the map cards. So, using the first map above (jungle) the red player was able to go first and now it is my turn. If one of my objectives on my mission card is to destroy (bomb) enemy troops I would move my token from the blue base to the position (three left and 1 up) next to the enemy troop. Because the wind direction is "E" or east during this map I have to make the adjustment and attack 1 space west of them. Obviously if there was no wind, I would position myself on the same grid square as the enemy troops in order to bomb them. Most of the items on the map will be fairly obvious and explained on the legend and in the rules. For now I just have troops, tank, roads/bridge, supply crates and a satellite (communications).

Now to explain mission cards:
Each player will always have a mission card. You can not draw a new mission card until you complete any set of the objectives and decide to turn in the mission. You may choose to abandon your current mission card. However, if you choose to abandon a mission you may not draw a card until the start of your next turn. The diagram below explains each element of the mission card a little better:

To further explain tactical versus operational missions, tactical missions must have all objectives completed on one map only. Operational missions can take anywhere from one map to 20+ maps (not suggested :P)

Using the mission card from the picture above, if the current map only had 3 friendly troops on it, I could potentially complete the 4 star objective set on this map with airdrops and turn in the mission immediately or push for the 6 star objective set and wait until the next map to hopefully finish the airdrops for the other 3 friendly troops and complete the mission then.

The yellow tokens shown on the game board are objective tokens to help cover targets on the map when you've completed an objective and as counters to be placed on mission cards after completing objectives.

Here is an example of a tactical mission card:

Ok, so you finished a mission, turn it in for stars and got a new mission card, now what?

This card comes with a d6 die. Place the die with the 1 on top on the upper left corner or 2nd Lieutenant (O-1) position. Each time you are awarded stars from a completed mission, add the number of stars to the die number. If the die number goes above 6, you have ranked up! Move the die to the next rank and adjust the die to the proper sum.

For example, as the game starts I have the die with the 1 showing placed on top on the 2nd lt. (butter bar). I complete a mission and receive 3 stars so I change the die to show a 4. A few turns later I complete another mission and receive 2 stars so I change the die to 6. I complete yet another mission, receive 4 stars and now I finally rank up! I move the die to the next rank (1st lt.) and adjust the die back to showing a 4.

Continuing ranking up until you hit 4 star general and win them game! If all the missions are completed and neither player is a 4 star general then the player with the highest overall rank wins.

The aerial refueling card:

How this card operates is explained on the card itself but basically it extends the distance your aircraft (token) will be able to travel on the map for the turn you use this. Then you have to wait 3 more turns (another 270 degree of turn) to use again.


I am considering rewarding a player with sabotaging an opponents rescue/airdrop mission or even giving immediate stars for bombing enemy targets even when its not on their objective list.

Now I did not explain map movement that much when talking about the map gameplay because that is the one issue I haven't quite figured out yet and this is where I am seeking help.

The first ideas I had was just allowing the player 10 moves per map/turn. They would be able to move to the appropriate position complete their objective and move on until they were out of moves having to plan their route.

Another idea I had was giving the player only 7 moves but if they flew back to base it would reset their movement countdown. This simulates refueling back at base so this allows the player to make more choices. Either use all 7 movements to destroy a far reaching target but not be able to return to do anything else or complete a close to base (3 out 3 back) objective and refuel to fly back out again. This would allow for certain objectives such as rescuing multiple troops in a map and then having to transport them back to base.

There may be an even better movement mechanic that any of you can suggest.

I am sorry if I missed any glaring rules or explanations but it is late but I wouldn't be able to sleep until I had this stuff off my mind and into a thread.

Let me know what you think!

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