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Allow acting in a wresling game

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I have a game idea where you play a wrestler manager and you negotiate with other players who is going to fight who in order to create the most spectacular entertainment and more money.

On the thing that could happen is a wrestler shof-off where the wrestler talks and promote himself. I thought that players could do acting at this point. But I was wondering if players could do acting for all other actions throught the game in order to promote the feeling of the game.

I was looking for something that looks close to the acting we did in the big idea. Where every player tried to promote their new inventions. In this cased it works well because there is not really a strategy, players would "vote" for the invention according to how cool it is.

So I thing if I want acting to be important it must be allowed to convince the players to do something according to the performance of the acting.

Of course, it all depends on the target audience. Some will be more interested to act or not.

Anyways, do you have other ideas, besides show-off, where people could act?
What influence does the acting could have on the player's decision?

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