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Allowing to move all the armies

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In a two-player game (something between euro and wargame) of mine each player has several armies on the board. At the beginning of a round all groups of both players get activated. When an army moves it gets deactivated.

The player on turn moves any number (including 0) of their active armies and then pass the turn to the other player, and so on. Moving no armies is special, in that after it happens twice in a row, the round ends. Other things (like army re-activation, etc.) are unimportant for my question.

Terminology: How would you call "moving no armies"? I'm thinking about "passing" like in Go or Bridge, but isn't there a better name? Am I using "round" and "turn" properly?

There are usually about 10 armies in the mid-game, so moving all of them may be a bit time-consuming, so I initially tried to use some action points, thus allowing to move maybe up to 3 armies per player in each round. Surprisingly, it led to much slower game, since everybody had to think hard not only where to move an army to, but also what movements are the most important, which took much more time.

The game doesn't takes usually about one hour, which is IMHO fine, but ideas how to speed it up are welcome.

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Hold Position

Stay and wait are also possibilities.

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Decoding hold, good job

Decoding hold, good job banana

Perhaps cease or wait or await or fortify or prepare or gather

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Pass is used in many games. I

Pass is used in many games. I don't think you should call it something else unless the act of passing has some special in-game effect other than passing the move to the other player.

Usually a turn refers to the full turn of activating all armies (what you call a round). I would instead say that each player gets an activation or action or something like that, and once all armies have been activated the turn ends.

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two passes

Ending after two passes is very common too. I think that rule is used in all games I have played that has this alternating activation mechanic. Which is a good thing, because it works, and you come to expect it to work like that.

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