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Alternate win conditions

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My card/dice based TCG is loosely set in a mage dual arena (ie, more of a meta/lore kind of way, not actual gameplay). They type of arena is still up in the air, be it gladiatorial-ish or more like hunger games (big difference there, I know).

Anyway, winning is currently based on health/hit points, which I'm perfectly fine with as it is the standard and I don't want to shake things up just because I can. I am interested, however, in exploring other, alternate win conditions that would seem natural and cohesive with the theme. These could either be in addition to health, or replace it entirely as long as it's not forced.

Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated!

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More ways to die!

One path would be to give each player two or three different health counters. The most obvious would be to have separate pools of BODY levels and SOUL levels.

You can get a more "Vampire: The Masquerade" or "Call of Cthulu" vibe by using SANITY as a can't-let-it-run-out pool.

Some healing effects might help one counter while hurting the other, adding a strategic element to that decision beyond spending mana.

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There’s the classical “Deck

There’s the classical “Deck Out” win condition. Games that really focus on that off the top of my head are Star Wars CCG and Dragon Ball Z TCG. If it isn’t a card game in that sense, there could also be a hand management based game where if you don’t have cards in your hand you lose. These come to mind because decks or hands can represent a mage’s mind or energy and so when you get hit you start losing that capacity as well as still needing to use them to try to defeat the opponent.

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