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An alternative way to use the Icon based system

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This thread should be the succession of the other thread

I found another variant using a similar icon system that could make combat resolution even faster. I am reusing an old idea of using a resolution system like war. Recent development for another game gave me ideas for this one.

Each player take their deck of cards that represents the composition of their army. They flip the cards 1 after the other and match the unit. They compare their values like in magic:TG (att/def) surving units are set aside. When a player runs out of card the battle stop. Each unit has a tactical value, and the player totalize the value of all his surviving units. The player with the highest tactical value wins the battle.

Now what it has to do with icons is that the att/def value of each unit is broken down in various icon abilities. So a 5 attack strength cavalry could be broken down as

Weapon: Att +3
Charge: Att +2

So if the halberdier has the "counter charge" ability, then the cavalry strength is reduced to 3.

Considering the units are placed on cards, there is more space for descriptive text and it could be possible have other effects that simply raise/counter att/def strength.

Does that seems better?

Considering there are no die roll, the resolution should be much more quicker. Second, not all units will participate in the battle, which also speed up the process. And having armies of different size does not break the game.

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