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Alternative Win/Lose Conditions in Card Games

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I'm looking for a variety of different alternative game ending mechanics/ideas. Not alternative as in 'the game ends in an unusual way' but 'the game has more than one way to end.'

Obviously, the simplest is the checkmate: one player no longer has any legal moves to play, and must concede. Another is (seeing as I've mention card games) one player empties their deck. L5R (the new one, at least; not sure about the original CCG) has honor--accumulate X number of honor and win, or reduce your opponent's honor to 0 and win.

Any other that have you've seen, used, thought of, or discarded (no pun intended)? I'm in an idea-gathering state and some input is appreciated.

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I'm (trying) to listen to all

I'm (trying) to listen to all of the ludology podcasts. Episode 20 deals with victory points vs sudden death endings: (episode 20)

Also here are a few multi ending games I can think of:
Betrayal on the house on haunted hill has a lot of different ways to end the game. Seven wonders duel features victory by science or military supremacy. King of Tokyo has be the last one standing or be the first to accumulate 20 stars. The Co-ops (Pandemic, Battle star Galatica, shadows over camelot, forbidden desert, Legendary) tend to have lots of ways to end the game and lose.

Joined: 09/06/2017
Oh Card games

*feels embarrassed*

Did not see "Cards" the first time.

Red seven is a card game that you lose unless you have play a card that makes you win.

In Lectio/Lexio each player starts wit a set number of scoring chips (basically poker chips) and the game is over in 5 rounds or when the first person runs out a scoring tiles.

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