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Is anyone working on augmented reality board games?

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Me and a friend of mine have created a board game that is similar to many different games. But the battle sequence requires a different board. Part of the problem of creating this (board game) is spatial, and it would require many pieces. Also the accounting is not hard, but a little tedious. It could be resolved to fit in a box... but would probably be rather expensive. Augmented reality seems to be the way to go with such a game. I am interested in creating an augmented reality console, where the games pieces and boards could be flashcards, and the accounting and mechanics controlled by a computer device that reads the (game/memory chip) and plugs into the "augmented reality glasses" are connected to. This would make the "console" a little expensive, but game publishing very cheap. Just wondering if there is anyone else out there working on this?

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I have been thinking that a

I have been thinking that a game like this could work with a simple Monitor/Mouse/Simple Reader (USB device) setup. Essentially I think there may be enough computer saturation in family situations, that attaining a computer next to a board game should be reasonably easy to set up for a reasonable market share.

I'd suggest a USB device so that batteries aren't an issue, and it could use a simple RFID type reader, with passive ID in each playing card, and a single card reader to interface with the game mechanics held on the screen.

I'm not looking at VR goggles, but an extension of the classic board game onto a new surface, the monitor.

Good luck with your project, you sound a bit further ahead than I

have a great day

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Take a look at The Eye of

Take a look at The Eye of Judgement on PlayStation 3 for an example of an Augmented Reality CCG that's already out in the market.

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