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Are there any card games out there with spell cards the forms the deck

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What im saying, you have 1 or so character cards that represents your deck, your deck is full of spell cards and items that you can attach to your character card that powers them up or give them unique spells?

Is there any game like that out there? i need some inspiration

example, you are a wizard and your draw a fireball spell card, then you attach it to your wizard and your wizard can now use fireball. that is what im sort of looking for

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lots of options

I feel like this is a very common thing among any trading card game.

In non- TCG games, try The Red Dragon Inn or Epic Spell Wars or even Munchkin, and there are elements of this in Arkham Horror.

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Look very much like deck

Look very much like deck building or tableau building games. There are tons of those games.

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