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Auctions; Revealed or hidden?

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Hiyo. The game I am currently working on involves a phase in which opposing players bid on the opportunity to get their share of the loot. Each player secretly selects a number of their coins and then compares their bid with that of the other players. The player who bid the highest goes first, second place goes to the second highest, and so on. Ties are resolved by comparing loot and money in their respective reserves.

When pick order is established, players choose 1 out of the available loot cards (currently players +1) in order, and discard the last card. At the moment these cards are revealed before bidding for pick order begins, but I am doubting fun in this. Would it be better to perhaps have the cards hidden until bidding is over, or change the system entirely?

Input appreciated!

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Vault Wars has some

Vault Wars has some interesting mechanics around how loot in a vault is exposed prior to bidding.

If you start with the default state of not showing, you have room to introduce mechanics/costs/etc. that allow peeking and such. Or you could even just try and experiment where two of the cards are hidden as that might be enough random/excitement to up the fun.

Partly the question is how central to the game and victory conditions is the bidding. How early in the round do players see the cards? If very early, then they can plan towards it and the full knowledge is another aspect of their other interesting decisions.

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