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Bad guy move mechanics

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After something of a long absence I am back! Still working on Defenders of Wessex, and it is finally getting very, very close. I have only one issue that I am not sure how to solve.

The game is fully cooperative, and the enemies (the vikings) move in a pattern that is established during set up for each game, so that they never repeat the same pattern twice.

What I need is a simple way of moving the Vikings to a new destination en route to their win condition.

The current method is to separate a deck of location cards into preset groups. Then some of the cards are dealt into a route and markers are places along

Joined: 06/07/2016
Whoops. Got cut off. Anyway,

Whoops. Got cut off.

Anyway, picking up where I left off

Markers are placed along the route, and the Vikings progress along the markers until the end, and if they reach the end, game over. It's cumbersome and extends set up time.

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There are many random and

There are many random and semi-random systems to create paths for enemies during play. I do not understand your system well enough to mention any specific one.

Do you have to generate the paths before plau begins or can they be decided as they go? Do you need to place the markers for some purpose? How many locations docyou have and how long paths? Given a specific starting location how many movement paths are possible?

Are there really all that many routes that make (thematic) sense or could you just make a deck of cards for every possibility?

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Describe Map?

Good questions Pelle. I will add one of my own. I assume that you play area is some type of map. Is this map grid based, hex based, arbitrary areas (like smallworld) or some else?

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