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balancing battle mechanics between PvP and PvE, Card and Dice battle

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Hi gamers, designers, goblins and ghouls :D this is my first post, And I have hit a bit of a road block on a game I have been working on, basically it is an RPG card and dice battle quest game, (that’s a mouth full) I have a lot of the design and Mechanics well under way, but the game is almost too difficult to complete as your character will more than likely die before he/ she completes their quest goal, also I haven’t gave any characters their own stats yet as I have just been trying to tweak the game play up until this point before I add this extra layer into the game.

As it sits each player gets 30 hit points and 3 lives, once these are spent you are dead, battle is of course a big part of this game, and I want to keep the math’s simple, you roll Att and Def dice during battle and you also have a hand full of cards which act as Att/Def boosters, escape ropes from battle, extra loot gathering…etc

Can anyone recommend some games that have similar mechanics, or even give me an idea of how they might go about tackling this problem? It would be greatly appreciated.

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First thing I try to do when

First thing I try to do when faced with similar problem is to reverse engineer it, and add some math.
In this case what could be done is to take your basic fighter character stat average (maybe level by level or just the whole range), and do the same for your basic enemies he'll be fighting. Then make a division how many rounds that ball of stats will fare against the other, and that'll be your starting number for the amount of fighting.
I've recently done this in much smaller scale (deciding weapon damage vs. enemy toughness), and found it as a solid first step.

This of course gets more complicated when adding those stat cards and healing stuff, but those too can be combined in to the average stats if needed to be taken into account.

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Problem definition


I don't understand the problem well enough to offer solutions. Can you explain it a bit more? Maybe an example of the mechanics and the situation which arises that you don't want to happen.


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I'm with kos in that I'm not

I'm with kos in that I'm not 100% sure I understand quite what you're looking for.

That said, as far as a recommendation to check out, I have lately been enjoying Arcadia Quest (Cool Mini or Not) for a simpler RPG card/dice game. The rolling mechanics are pretty well balanced and there is both PvE and PvP built into every quest. Worth a look.

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It's somewhat similar, but

It's somewhat similar, but Warhammer uses that sort of dice rolling Att vs. Def. but they have charts and modifiers that you have to follow. I'd say the easiest method is having the stats go 1-10, and for each point of difference the dice roll gets easier, for example: Hero ATT=6, Villain DEF=6, on 4, 5, or 6, the villain gets hit for a certain amount of HP. If the Hero ATT=7 and the Villain DEF=6 then the the villain gets hit on 3, 4, 5, or 6. Warhammer has two rolls like that, first to see if you have hit the enemy, second to see if you've actually hurt them/how badly you've hurt them.

I like the idea of the cards being boosters, but they could very easily get overpowered.

As for having your characters die too early, you could add some healing mechanic, then the characters would tend to always be ready for a big fight before they get into it and less likely to die.

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Thanks guy for the comments

Thanks guy for the comments so far, after reading these I realize I need to strip my battle right back to its basic dice battle, I think I might have jumped forward to quickly by introducing other stats,

So for player Vs player each player has two att dice and one def dice, during your att phase you roll your two att dice and your opponent rolls one def dice, then you minus out the difference from their hit points. (basic and simple and the battle potential gets more exciting with the stats and battle modifiers)

Player Vs environment - Monsters and dwellers will have predetermined hit points and Def, you roll a dice to beat their Def then a second dice to induce hit points, Monsters and dwellers will also be one of your main sources of loot so the harder the battle the more loot.

Would it be a good idea to introduce a health boost for winning PvE battles?

If anyone is interested you can check out some of the art work I have so far on my facebook page;

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