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Best way to track reoccurring expenses?

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Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has any good or bad experience with games that have reoccurring costs. For example you may have several buildings or items in play that each cost 1 gold per turn and some others that bring you income each turn.

What do you think is the best way of keeping track of this?

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Tap them?(Except, as usual,

Tap them?

(Except, as usual, don't call it tap :) )

Or flip them face-down.

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If you have an upkeep as how

If you have an upkeep as how I call it.
And you have income.

How about a resource tracker for a net worth of income?

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Income Tracking Board

An income tracking board is probably best. It's a lot easier to move a tracker up and down on a board than it is to re-count items in play every turn.

Axis and Allies does it this way. That said, I know a LOT of people who just count every item on the board instead, insisting its "faster"; but at least the option is provided. lol.

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I like the way they did

I like the way they did income in Eclipse. You take cubes off your resource track and place them on planets that produce that resource.

The more cubes that are removed from the track, the higher your income.

Then if you lose a planet, you put the cube back (eventually after some fiddly rules things), the resource income rate is updated accordingly

recurring costs could possibly be done the same way

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You could try an accounting

You could try an accounting software package like Mind Your Own Business (MYOB).

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Use income tracking board

In my experience, income tracking board is the best option. Just make sure that the board design is clear and understandable.

I saw at one point a simple mobile app that was a configurable multifunction tracking board for gamers. You can check on ITunes.

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Perhaps dice

I think a resource track works best, but you could also use dice. Different color d20s could keep track of all sorts of things and it's easy to go up or down. Just don't bump the table, haha.

This would also be cheaper than art and boards.

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Others suggested using a

Others suggested using a tracking board which would be a proven method or you can use a marker like dice or perhaps drawn on it to annotate specific material upkeep or simply representing the structure's overall upkeep.

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