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BitArena - revision

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Hey Guys,

I've been gone for a while but now I'm back. I recently revisited my very first game design idea to see what element there might be missing that I need to work on to make it a great game, As i still strongly believe it could be a really neat experience. The game name is BitArena. It's what I call a push-battle game. It's a mix between deck-builders and war strategy games.

The game begins with each player taking a Hero and a hand of 5 cards (with a max hand limit of 8) the square arena cards that make up the board are shuffled then placed down till the players have a board whatever the size they want (3x5 is reccommended, but the size can be ammended for more players, but that's not something i've tested yet):

each turn, players can use their income (based on their hero) to field more units, move the units, upgrade units. They can also use a power, which you have a use it this round or loose it, unline the money where you can save for a big guy in your hand or to move a mass amount of units in a single turn. You can upgrade your basic units where they still maintain their cost, keeping in mind that they will never be as strong as the heros 1v1 but they are meant to overwhelm. If a person draws another "Hero" it can increase income while that hero is active on the field. There will be cards that you play that can double/triple your income in a turn, you can pay money+power to give your heroes new abilities and you can pay to field weapons that make your hero's base stats better. Heroes can construct towers and can claim towers that can be used as new spawn points for their units.

winning condition: Whenever your original hero dies, you loose.

That's the game in a nutshell, what do you think?

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