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Breaking ties in blind auctions

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I'm planning to use blind auctions in one of my designs to auction off a limited number of resources. (The higher you bid, the earlier you may purchase resources; if you bid too low, there might not be any left by the time your turn comes around. The value you bid is the amount you will pay for a resource.)

In blind auctions, there's the issue of tied bids, and I'm looking for an easy way to resolve them. I prefer not to use a random element such as having tied players roll a die since this auction will be the only non-perfect-information element in the game. There's the flagpole in O Zoo le Mio, which seems like the easiest option. I could also have a separate scoring track to which players may optionally contribute victory points/money; whoever's further along this track wins ties.

Can you think of any other ways to break ties in blind auctions?

I considered normal auctions, but because the value of what you bid is the value you will pay, I foresee bids (in particular, in auctions that only involve two players) that are always separated by $1.

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Breaking ties

How about the first player to the left of the previous high bidder wins ties. For first turn decide something like youngest player breaks ties.

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On the assumption of an

On the assumption of an amount of auctions divisible by the amount of players, how about a rotating priority token, which gives priority to the person holding it (and priority rotates clockwise from it, while after each auction it passes to the next player in sequence)

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Here are some discussions in

Here are some discussions in the 2.0 site (the archive) that might be of some value:

1. Tie Break = bidding war between the tied bidders starting with a bid 'x' amount greater. x could be the difference between the highest bid and the 2nd highest bid.
2. Tie Break = Player with the least amount of the resources up for bid wins tie break. So an example: wheat is up for bid, player A and B tie for the blind bid. Player A has 3 wheat, B has 1. Player B wins. I have no idea if this would actually be balanced. Just throwin' it out there.

Also, take a look at Ys ( it uses a semi blind bidding system. The rules can be found here:

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There is no Spoon

How about this: if there is a tie, both high bidders LOSE to the third person.
In a two-player game, or whenever no winning bidder emerges, no resources are collected that round.



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