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Building symbols from multiple dice

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I have a concept I'm working on and before I get in too deep I'd like to know where it has been done before so I am not rebuilding the wheel. The mechanism I am working on involves rolling six-sided dice which have portions of symbols on the edge of each dice (not all edges, some might be blank). To get successful results players must match symbols. Specific results will often be reliant on completing a requisite inventory of symbols (i.e. 1 red + 2 blue). Byt performing a simple web search, I was able to find only one game and it seemed to be about building chain links (*very* different that what I am creating). Does anyone know of a another game that uses a similar mechanic? (and have I explained it sufficiently?)



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The only similar mechanic

The only similar mechanic I've seen personally is rolling for torpedoes in Space Cadets: Dice Duels. There are die faces for the nose, body, and thrusters of a torpedo that need to be put together to complete said torpedo so it can be fired. Even if it has been done in other games, it certainly hasn't been beaten to death. I'd say go for it!

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Some dice pattern games

Line Dice (and there's a similar Celtic Knotwork dice game in the works, too)
Catan Dice fit patterns together to make walled cities.
Doodle Dice uses simple patterns, lines, and arcs to make pictures and shapes.
Train Dice is a linear variation, I suppose (train cars all in a row).
Color Cubes aren't really dice, but it's the same idea. There's a variation on this that starts with a "Q" - don't recall the name right now.

I think there's an old guessing game about Polar Bears on an Ice Floe (or something like that) that plays off the patterns formed by pips on regular d6 dice. Don't recall how it works.

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