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Came up with a multiplayer card game, how would it do?

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So the theme is unimportant, already have an idea on the design of the game, but before I even think about doing that, I want to make sure this idea is a good idea to begin testing.

So my game is sort of like the cards you have on the field are working together to defeat the opposing players, I want to make it a multiplayer game so more than 2 players but if the mechanic is not suited for a multiplayer game ill just make it a 1v1 game

So each player has a deck of cards, they draw 8 or 10 cards I dunno which would be better. Anyway, each player takes time to work out a good strategy for their team.

Once players decide on a team they place 5 cards they want on the team face down on their field, the remaining cards either stay in hand or discard for the rest of the game (haven't decided yet)

Once all players have set their cards, they all simultaneously reveal their team.

Before I go further the game phases are like this
1. draw cards
2. set 5 cards
3. reveal cards
4. activate effects
5. turn order starts
6. resolve
7. new turn

All cards have 3 symbols. Damage, HP and Speed, they symbols have numbers in it to determine the cards stats

Each card may or may not have an effect, some do some will be no effects
Once revealed, one by one player activate the card effects (I haven't decided on how to make which player should go first, second, etc. maybe you can help me with that. Anyway, some examples of card effects, an effect called Prey: destroy a player's card with the lowest speed. Another effect of Bulk up: If you have more than 1 card with Bulk up, increase your team hp by an additional 3 points.

Anyway, Once all effects have been played, the turn order starts, whichever team has the highest speed will go first then others will go, and so forth. If a player has reduced a player's team to 0, that player gets a point and the player who lost all their hp loses a point, and if a player still has hp left over, they also get a point. so at most 1 player can get 2 points per round

Basically, the player who gets let's say 10 points wins the game

So it still needs some work, i came up with the idea in like 10 minutes, and wanted to put it down now in case i forget it later

So my concerns are, is it possible to balance the game to make it fair for all players, and is it fair for a player to lose all hp and loses the round before he even gets to attack with his team?
Also, there is the activation effect phase, how to time that phase?

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I think having an order to

I think having an order to the effects.
Or having them go at the same time. Is fair.
However, of both players have the same effect or speed, you really need to find a way to resolve a simoultainious gameplay.

If not.
Determine the turn order in a different way and stick to it.

I often like to do both.


What worries me is that players discard some cards.
Chances are big, these are the same, over and over.

If math can't help you, only playtesting remains.
And then you need to make these cards stronger, until players use them.

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Yeah kind of hard to make the

Yeah kind of hard to make the effect round work, like what will happen if the effect prey kills the card with lowest speed but the speed card has an effect, let’s say sprint: increase this card speed by 3 and now it’s no longer the slowest card.

So dunno if activating effects simultaneously will work. Though if the effects also has a turn order, how would I make it work?

I don’t see the problem with discarding unused cards though, is that not a good mechanic?

Also is it better to have 5 cards on your team or 3 or even 4, and draw 5 or 6 cards instead of 10

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Link the effect to the speed

Link the effect to the speed of the card?
That way a slow card with the effect speed, had a slow acceleraties.
It can be fast, but cannot dodge properly.

Regarding turn order, you have 2 options:
- same rank goes at the same time
- you have a player order that can overrule the card order.

But the latter should be random each round for fairness.

I personally had problems with discarding cards. Once the game reached practical balance, this was no longer an issue.

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Guess that is an option, will

Guess that is an option, will have to test it

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