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can someone explain to me?

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Joined: 03/23/2010

hi i don't know if this is the correct category to put on.

So can someone explain to me how do game boards with hex grid works?

and sometimes i see this cards with counters on them what does it mean?

sorry im very very new on this type of game boards so im clueless lol

Willi B
Joined: 07/28/2008

That depends on the game. Each set of rules may govern how such things works for that game.

Take a look at some images at, find one that intrigues you, and find out more from the game description for that game.

That's my best advice.

Joined: 07/08/2009
Maybe as a jumping off point . . .

. . . check out Battle Cry, Twilight Imperium, and Settlers of Catan. Those three games (and a thousand others) all use hex boards in different and interesting ways.


Joined: 04/14/2009
Yep! Depends on the game

I'm currently making a space-themed game and I chose hexes because I like the idea that you can move in six different directions instead of four. Six possible directions seemed to fit a space theme better than a normal 4x4 grid cuz it's just more..."spacey". Some will argue the point, " the hexes actually add an essestial gameplay element that warrants adding hexes instead of sticking to squares?" It's a little early to tell at this stage of the game's development. I mainly chose hexes for asthetic reasons...I thought they helped the space theme. I might add some movement elements later that make more use the hexes themselves, but for right now they just look better.

Joined: 03/26/2010
Space movement

I was thinking onces about the "3d movement" and I think in have some kind of marker with levels (1,2,3 or a,b,c) to mark the "plane" in witch you move.

I agree that is better 6 choices of movement instead of 4 (maybe up to 8 as a "Rose of the winds")


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