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[Card Game] Selecting wich creatures are beign attacked

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I would like to know you think this mechanic in a Combat card game.

When we declare an attack to the opponents creatures, we can decide wich creatures are being attaked, instead of beign the opponent choosing wich creatures will defend.

We declar an attack with our Creature A to Creature B, the opponent can determine wich creatures will do BACKUP the attacked Creature B (helping in the defense), so after i declare that i attack Creature B with my A creature, he says that creature Y will help the B in the defense, in the beggining it is A vs B when i declare teh attack, and it is A vs B+Y after defender choosing wich creature will help the another one. The player can choose not to use any other creature to help defending the creature and, leaving the attacked creature alone.

An important thing that you must know posting your opinion is that the damage done to a creature is permanent and both creatures will take damege from a combat. Ex: if a 5 ATK /5 DEF and 5 HP creature attacks a 3 ATK/ 3 DEF with 3 HP, the 3/3 will take 5 damage losing all 3 HP and die, but the 5/5 will take 3 damage and will become a 5/5 with 2 HP, dying if it takes takes another 2 HPs of damage.

The attacking player can declare another creature in the case of the enemy decide to use another creature to hlep defending, and it can be a combat of 1 Vs 1, 1 Vs 2 or 2 Vs 2 creatures ... or more (i am still thinking about being more that 2 Vs 2, and even considering to remove (or not) the 2 Vs 2 (this whole concept of backing up creatures)

In the case of any creature helping and attacked craeture it will be like this:

Creature A = 5/5 with 5 HP (yours)
Creature X = 2/2 with 2 HP (enemy)
Creature Y = 3/3 with 2 HP (enemy)

A attacks X, Y will help X and it will result in A dying ( taking 3 + 2 = 5 Damage) and both X and Y (the attacker chooses how to distribute the damage) dying.

Of course, the players will be able to heal the creatures, increasing the HPs with other cards/spells up to a maximum of his attack value and never than that, so a 5/5 will never have 6 HP.

This is for a game i am creating and i want the attacker to be able what creatures and use HPs for the creatures, making them creature with persistent damage.

Dont know if it has been done before but, i would like to know your opinion about this mechanic.

Thanks in advance

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