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Card mechanic - has this been done?

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Without going in to too much detail of the theme, here is the basic mechanic I have for a game I've been working on. Primarily, it's being designed for 4-6 players (I think), but it may work also for 2 or 3.

Players collect cards, there are 30 cards in the game, there are ways that the cards can change hands between players and/or be replaced to the draw pile - or you might get a card that no-one else wants so you keep it for the whole game.

Each card contains three pieces of information - for the sake of argument, let's say a colour, a shape and a number. In the deck of 30 cards, there are 10 colours, 10 shapes and 10 numbers and each colour, shape and number is used 3 times - but no two cards are the same.

E.g one card may have RED, CIRCLE, 6 - no other card will have this combination, or any combination of 2 of these 3 things.

The object is to collect complete 'sets' of 3. E.g all 3 reds, circles or sixes.

When a player has a set, they get a unique token for that particular set - e.g the Red token, the circle token, the 6 token - after that no other player can attain that particular token, but any unclaimed tokens are up for grabs, so no card is 'dead' unless the three 'sets' it features have already been collected.

Game continues until one player has a certain number of tokens, let's say 5? (this will hopefully be worked out through playtesting).

I suppose I have the same questions as anyone else in this position:
1. Has this been done? Or is there anything similar I should be aware of?
2. Bearing in mind I haven't told you what theme I'm planning, or how cards are attained and swapped, but from the dry description here - does it sound like it might be fun?


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I like it.

I like that it sounds relatively simple. Even if it was a somewhat simplified game of go-fish, with players taking turns asking other players what they have in their hands (John, do you have a 6), with them having to give up one card that matches (if they have one), I think it would work. I could imagine there being some strategy to this (remember who just got what, what items have been collected, etc). With something else driving the card swapping, it seems like it could become more of a game of pattern recognition within your own hand, and could become somewhat frantic depending on how often cards are swapped, what triggers it, or how much control people have over it.

The 3 pattern combos reminds me of Set, but the game play is entirely different.

EDIT: I'm on a "simple" game kick right now, where I am trying to work on games that have a minimal number of pieces / cards / etc. Coming from this standpoint, I'd probably look at using something other than tokens to track progress.

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Jungle Speed

What you're describing reminds me of a real-time/simultaneous-turn party game called Jungle Speed. There are cards that have similar patterns and colours on them. In that game you're seeking at least one commonality between cards displayed by other players. Everyone with matches grabs for the totem in the center of the table as soon as they notice the commonality between their card and someone else's.

As opposed to the game you're describing, in Jungle Speed the object of the game is to have no cards remaining, and those who are slow and/or make mistakes end up with more cards by the end of the game. The first player with no cards left is the winner.

Here's the BGG link:

It is a tremendously fun game to play with a group of 5 or more people. Played it along with my coworkers at a circular table where everyone had the Totem in reach and had a blast.

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jazbang wrote: 1. Has this

jazbang wrote:

1. Has this been done? Or is there anything similar I should be aware of?

My first thought was about Set. I can't tell from your post if the gameplay is that much similar, but hopefully you can :) here is the bgg-entry

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also sounds like QWerkle a

also sounds like QWerkle a bit, tiles but not cards

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Qwerkle is Super Qwerky Yet Fun!

Shoe wrote:
also sounds like QWerkle a bit, tiles but not cards

I love Qwerkle. It's a really fun game with big beefy wooden tiles. Oh so beefy and heavy. I just love me some heavy pieces at times.

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